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Looking for one fully integrated website, stock management, order management, datasheets for the products available to download and accounting for multiple companies? That’s what was the requirement of Upffront’s CEO. Upffront’s new website on Odoo is under construction at the moment and will be live soon. We are working on integrating DHL as the shipping provider.
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December 2017
Odoo Version 12
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Consulting, Implementation & Software Development


Information in a single system in real-time

Upffront is focused on creating a competitive and creative approach to the sale of goods, services, and support to the global sailing/boating sector. To achieve the vision of the company to grow a global business through B2B and B2C channels, Odoo will need to provide an interactive user-friendly environment for staff, suppliers, support partners, affiliates and customers to access goods and comprehensive product information in a single system in real-time.

Ecommerce website with full pre and post product development and sales

One critical component of the Upffront eCommerce sites is the requirement to provide comprehensive technical product information both before, during and post-sale.

Easy & speedy access

The business success of Upffront requires a complex and integrated website infrastructure to provide best in class access to products, information, and services to customers, partners and marketing professionals focusing particularly on the use of SEO to facilitate speedy access to product specifications and product availability.

Flexible Model

The vision of the company is to move the sector from a traditional hobbyist market, served by a set of defined distributors who hold contractual arrangements with 5 key large manufacturers and suppliers at a country or regional level to a more flexible model with access to information and products independent of the location of the purchaser and to supply an extensive product range of part and kits via the website.


Upffront has now moved to the next phase of the development and requires a sophisticated and integrated system to support the delivery of information, support, product sales across all the regional areas. They have considered Odoo as the ERP system of choice.

Fully integrated eCommerce website

The priority for Upffront is to create a one-stop website to act as a key location on the worldwide web to find information, buy products and access support for the boating and yachting community across the world. Therefore, Target integration focused on establishing an operational system to deliver multi-lingual website/s, to be accessible by the B2B and B2C communities. The website requirement will be to allow access to data and technical information based on user access rights.

Accounting app implementation

The Odoo accounting app provides all the features for accounting and finance that delivers the accuracy and results in faster finance reports to study company financial growth quickly and with detailing.

ResultsAt each stage, a set of ‘Requirements’ were identified and at the proposed phase it was completed. They were as defined under:

Improvements in sales processes & Warehouse management

The warehousing and stock system will keep key product data to support efficient delivery. Where products are to be ordered the system will select the most helpful supplier arrangements, considering the above factors and product pricing.

Partner’s advanced needs

Leveraging the information, scale of product access and social networking reach, the Upffront vision will enable a range of approved partners to interact with the website and potential customers.

Trade Partners

Business that will purchase items from the websites. Enhanced access to product catalogue and technical documentation and trade pricing.

Microsite Partners

As a trade partner, the setting up of a microsite will leverage content and product data from the Upffront websites and own products and grow own sales channels.

Service/Support Partners

Enhanced partner status. Typically, these partners will receive support requests from Upffront. Potentially involving direct contact with the customer to resolve and progress sales.

Target Integration provides thorough and constant support to Upffront. This includes health and safety management, incident reporting, quality management system to support the business aligned to ISO9001 and machine maintenance schedule system.

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