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Features of Loan Management System

Secure Application

Application security is very important because it helps in preserving the essential financial information about the borrower on the basis of which the lender takes the decision to lend.

100 % paperless process

Going paperless is cost saving for business owners as everything stored in the cloud, it is cheapest and effective method and also eliminate the time consumption for searching for a particular application or information.

Automatic Calculator

Manual calculation process may delay the process which results in losing their prospective customers. The automatic calculator allows people to get quicker approval on loans by minimizing the time involvement in the processing of a loan.

Define Customizable limits

It is highly customizable which makes value for money. In this feature each credit unions can customize the limits and rates of mortgages and other item rates can be defined accordingly.

Full secure document repository

Document security is vital to loan management companies. Since it is a cloud-based application management every document will store at a secure centralized place. Access to the document is also controlled by different groups and individuals.

Integrated CRM

Integration with CRM helps in engaging with customers at the right time throughout their financial journey. It also helps to have a 360-degree view of each customer and proactively deliver personalized service that not only exceeds expectations but also locks in a lifetime trust with more effective communication.

A full history of application/applicants

This comprehensive loan management system can track the activity of the applicants which helps in reviewing the action taken on that particular applicant. For eg: reviewing of the status changed, when the work is done and what action taken on the application.

Traffic Light

The traffic lights are the indicator of the loan conditions. The green light allows to proceed in the direction denoted that it’s safe, on the other hand, the red light indicates to review the application again before proceeding. This feature makes this loan management system much more user-friendly and makes work hassle-free.

Single point of information

This loan management system is a cloud-based system which offers a single point of information where users can synchronize their user settings and application settings and can analyze as well as access the information related to application anytime and anywhere with much more ease and at one place. It makes it much easier to extract the information.

Multiple Loan type supported

It is a flawless solution for loan management intended for regular and irregular loans, mortgages, leases, lines of credit, investments, eliminate manual loan management and streamline the procedures. It helps to simplify the loan process for the lenders as well as the loan seekers thus enhancing the productivity of the loan providers.

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