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You can view all the surveys in one sales pipeline and can switch to view any of the stages depending on the status of the survey. As a sales manager or business owner, you can always see how the leads are progressing. CRM integration is an essential feature of a robust and integrated working experience.

Savings Calculator

The energy savings calculator is an important feature that helps to estimate the energy and cost savings after an organization has switched to any new solution. It helps solution providers to show the total projected savings over the years to their clients.

Bulb Replacement Options

When the survey is underway, it’s very easy to keep track of all the new options that are going to be used instead of the old fixtures. With this feature you can easily select the most appropriate replacement choice, and see the immediate energy and cost savings.

Quotation Generator

Once the customer has confirmed their choice of replacement options, a quotation can be easily created and printed (or emailed). It’s automatically created from the survey data already entered, and it will show the projected energy and cost savings for the customer.

Integrated Accounting

Integrated accounting allows a sales order to to be converted to an invoice without double entry of any information. It also gives full control to the salesperson to ensure that the client gets invoices promptly, ensuring better cash flow for the company.

Purchase Management

Purchase orders reduce the risk of internal fraud. Without purchase orders, it’s difficult to check if you got what you ordered in terms of pricing, quantity, and materials. An approval process ensures invoices are only paid when fully approved by management.

Stock Management

Warehouse and stock management is an important feature as it minimises labour expenses, enhances customer service and improves inventory accuracy by reducing missing stock, It also increases flexibility and responsiveness.

Powerful Reports

Reports give insights into the business and an overview of how well the sales team is performing. These reports can be made available to clients as well as to show them the increased efficiency and reduced energy cost over the years.


Reduce Double entry of data

There is no duplicate data entry or manual data transfer from one area of the system to another so it will reduce the overhead of entering the same data multiple times. Also, it helps to reduce data entry errors which have been shown to cost seven times as much as the cost to input the original data.

Higher Productivity

Online site surveys deliver quicker results as they will increase the speed of entering, compiling and summarising the data input. There is no manual transmission of data from one system/software to another and hence it saves time.

Customer Satisfaction

When customers receive quotations quickly, they will have everything to hand to make an immediate decision on the project. Well-presented information means that the customer can clearly understand the potential cost and energy savings, will help the customer make a quick decision, and will ultimately result in greater customer satisfaction

Reduced Missing Stock

With greater integration between customer orders, purchase orders and stock management, excess stock can be reduced to a minimum. Non-stock items can be ordered for specific projects, and delivery of those items to site recorded, again ensuring missing stock is minimised.

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