Support more customers by diminishing your queue times
Get 2x rise in staff efficiency

Don’t keep your customers waiting!

Decrease customer wait time

Increase your employee efficiency

Decrease negative feedback from customers

Target Integration is a provider of queue management systems, globally. This solution helps an organisation in providing timely services. Thereby, building a positive rapport. The queue management solution offers management of long-standing awaiting queues with virtual and linear queuing solutions. It allows the administration of complex queue displays and advanced queue management software to run complete services on-time.

Enterprise Virtual Queue Management System

Efficiently maintain customer streams by design-build solution 

Being a Wavetec partner, we provide consulting & implementation services for queue management software. We can develop assorted queuing workflows for your queuing needs. This QMS has multi-branch & multi-region enterprise solutions. With our training sessions, you will be able to understand exactly how to allow your customers and visitors to enter a queue by taking a ticket via different channels such as Self Service Ticketing Kiosk, Web Ticketing, Mobile App.


Foretells standing times accurately to target timely response.

Empowers you to do customisations for your settings

Integrations are available for various platforms.

Predictive Analysis & Customer Journey Mapping

Presents performance insights through reports and dashboards

Enables you to interlace waiting for customers with digital signage

Build your own solution-choose from primary and optional features

Mobile Queuing System| Service Partner know-it-all

Get a service provider for a mobile-based revolutionary app

Advancing queueing solution with Wavetec’s queuing app – Mobile-Q. Learn from our queue management system consultants on how ‘take-a ticket solution’ eliminates jammed service areas. We can turnkey custom queue management solutions for your customers to choose their nearest branch and take a ticket via a simple real-time mobile app. They can join when it’s their turn instead of standing long hours waiting in a queue.


Ticket numbers assignment using a smartphone

Navigations & directions details for the nearest branch

Get alerts on your app for your turn!

Schedule or book online appointments

Receive SMS / Text Message notifications

Important Gains of Electronic Queue Management System

Decreases customer wait time and service time by 50%

Boosts Customer Satisfaction by 30%

Omits unpredictable and chaotic queuing

Assures seamless customer journey & experience

Optimizes Staff Performance & Productivity

Centrally controllable, monitored and easy to use

Seamlessly blends all segments of your QMS

Measures KPIs and accelerates operational productivity

Target Integration Advantages

Authorised Partner & End to End Turnkey Solution Provider

Experienced consultants for Customisable workflows and scalable systems

Globally provides software consultancy services for CRM/ ERP solutions

Global Support and Base with a certified team of professionals

Vivid software integration support with existing systems

Get consultancy, implementation, training and support aid under a single roof

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