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Device Rental Management System

Rental Management System is a solution to all the hustle that the rental service providers go through while providing the required services. A Rental Management System helps in streamlining all the aspects of a rental business in a systematic manner such as Financials, Equipment Servicing, CRM and reporting functionality.

Traditionally, Rental Management System was deployed on-premise (on the company’s servers and computers). But cloud-based deployment is the future as it enables you to keep a tab on your business activities from anywhere.

For rental business’ working across the country boundaries need additional functionality such as multi-currency, multi-tax jurisdiction and multilingual needs which are also a part of the system services.

Rental Management System is the most viable solution to the problems faced by organisations who are operating as rental service providers as the rental management system  can be integrated with third party applications and customized according to the business requirement of the operating firm.

What Features to Look For?

Accounting and Finance Integration

While choosing your software you should ensure that your fundamental needs for accounting and finance is integrated within the software to bring out the efficiency of your firm.

Warehouse Management

The integration of Warehouse Management System into the ERP system paces up the crucial processes like Transfer and Inventory Management, Customer Returns Processing, Inbound Delivery Processing etc.

Real Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring enables you to review the overall processes and functions performed on the data in real time, or as it happens. It provides constant information to trump up to date informed decisions and see trends as they develop.

Generate Reports and Analytics

Keep a tab of everything in your organisation. Pull out revenue metrics from your sales CRM by source, sales rep, territory and more. Share reports and collaborate with your colleagues, during report creation and analysis.

Improved Customer Service

A good rental management system helps improve customer service by Streamlining back-end business processes, Matching supply with demand, Improving user experience, Enabling access to the information you need to better serve your customers.

Payment Gateway

Take out the annoyance of chasing down renters or to have your staff there to collect in person. Maximize your cash flow with 24- to 48-hour deposits. No more hustle for the mail or for a cheque to clear or having to have your renter’s cheque get “lost in the mail.” Just click and pay.

Which Software serves your purpose?



  • CRM for small & medium sized businesses
  • Free for up to 10 users
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Has geolocation interface on mobile app

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Microsoft-Dynamics-Target-Integration-Best CRM and ERP

Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Powerful workflow capabilities
  • Tightly integrated with Office 365
  • Perfect for full sales automation and tracking

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Odoo-Target-Integration_Best CRM and ERP


  • Integrated CRM & ERP
  • Open source
  • High customisation capability

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