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Rayal, the leading energy savings and LED replacement provider in Dublin, received a much-needed makeover of their manual processes of calculating savings from LED replacement for their clients at pre-sales level and then integrated it with their supply chain and accounting.

For a complete Digital Transformation, Rayal approached Target Integration and the results were awe-inspiring. This case study is about their journey from manual processes to a fully automated and integrated ERP system.

Rayal is a LED lighting installation enterprise headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. They help companies save money by becoming more energy efficient.

May 2017
Consultation, Implementation, Training & Management


Manual Processes

Manual Processes in any business are always full of bottlenecks. You depend a lot on people and processes which are not automated, and invariably one or the other fails or isn’t available and creates a bottleneck. Rayal realised if they were to grow further they had to replace these manual processes with automation.

Reliance on Powerful but unconnected LED Savings Calculator in Excel Spreadsheets

Rayal realised while their powerful excel sheets were giving them all the results possible, they were prone to failure, and one incorrect data entry by any one user was causing a complete shutdown of the process. Also, there were multiple versions of these spreadsheets roaming around on the computer network.

Warehouse Management & Stock Challenges

Once an order was placed by a client, it was important to deliver the correct material for the installers and electricians to complete the job. It was important that any shortcomings in the material were highlighted to the warehouse manager long before the installation commenced to avoid any disappointments at the time of installation. Proper stock and purchase management are key for Rayal.

Isolated Data Stores

Rayal was managing a lot of information on Excel sheets, and multiple data sources were leading to “islands of information” which they had to search out every time they needed particular information on the product/customer or supplier.


Target Integration acknowledged the limitations of Rayal’s work processes and delivered complete automation for its presales activities. A major part of any implementation like this is change management as it is easy to replace systems but very difficult to change people.

Target Integration brought in Odoo Enterprise Edition as the ERP of choice for Rayal. Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your business needs. It has modules which support Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce, Accounting, Inventory, Point of Sale, Purchase Management & Project Management, etc.

Odoo offers the easiest and most modern looking user interface for those who have seen traditional ERP systems.

LED Savings Calculator with Lead Management

Well, when it comes to customised requirements simple is the best. Target Integration took the requirements and presented a design which was modern looking as well as tablet and mobile compatible. LED savings calculator is now used by every surveyor in Rayal to estimate the savings after switching to LED Lighting.

The savings calculator gives reminders to salespeople to touch base with clients on a regular basis. It also keeps the history of client communication so that you as the business owner know how the lead is progressing.

Integrated Accounting

Rayal now has fully integrated accounting on Odoo as well. The integration allows them to convert a quotation to a sales order and then invoice without double entry of information. It also gives full control to the salesperson to ensure the clients get their invoices promptly to ensure better cash flow for the accountant & financial controller of the company.

Report for Customer Quotation

All the hustle with files stored in different folders and grouping them for a whole lot of data was really time expensive as well error-prone. To speed up the process with no implications for human error, Target Integration integrated a quote generation process with Odoo’s existing services which enables Rayal to generate a quotation for customers with just one click.

Stock Management System

Execution of warehouse management into Rayal has leveraged them with a competitive advantage by minimising labour expenses, enhancing customer service, improving inventory accuracy, increasing flexibility and responsiveness.

Powerful Reports

Standard reporting is available out of the box from Odoo, but additional reporting was created for Rayal to make sure they have full visibility of the business and how the sales team was performing. These reports are made available to clients as well to show them the increased efficiency and reduced energy cost.


Target Integration delivered a system within budget and on time. The solution provided:

Higher Productivity

Electronic site surveys meant quicker results for Rayal as well as their client. The team saw an increase in the speed of delivering results of Site Surveys. There was no manual transmission of data from one system/software to another and hence less time was wasted.

Better Customer Satisfaction

When customers started receiving quotations quickly, they had everything in their hands to make a decision on the project quickly. All the information was well presented. This increased the customer satisfaction, they had all the support of Rayal team members while Rayal had all the information available at their fingertips from Odoo.

Reduced Missing Stock

Integrated stock management system meant Rayal always knew how much stock was sitting in their warehouse. Every stock take was able to give them real figures, and as soon as they were entered into the system, the system was able to reconcile the physical stock with system stock. A well-planned approach to warehouse management made sure there were fewer chances of losing stock.

Reduced Double Entry of Data

One integrated end to end system meant, there was no duplicate data entry or manual data transfer from one system to another. The whole business process runs smooth and has a perfect flow to it which ensures the staff and management now have every insight available to them to make the next decision for their growing business.

This is what Vincent Murray of Rayal had to say for the solution provided by Target Integration

When we first set out on this task, I did not think there was a system out there that was able to survey, do accounts, perform customer management and track and trace stock. To have all these modules on Odoo through Target Integration was simply amazing for me as a Finance Manager.
Vincent Murray, Commercial and Finance Manager, Rayal

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