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9 reasons to choose Target Integration as your Odoo Inventory Management Support Provider.

1. We are Odoo Gold Partners. Odoo development company and Odoo Inventory Management Support Provider.

2. Our Odoo developers can help you build powerful warehouse management software.

3. With our Odoo developers get relieved from manual stock tracking and no more complexities in stock maintenance. Determine to reorder points and quantities efficiently.

4. Target Integration helps you manage the process of ordering, storing, consuming – companies inventories.

5. As an Odoo Inventory Management Support provider, we also help you in selling the companies inventory such as raw materials, spares, and finished products.

6. We help you build an Inventory Management Software that helps you to manage maximum/minimum inventory levels.

7. We help you in facilitating maximum orders and initiating timely deliveries.

8. Yes, you read it correctly! Now discuss with Odoo Consultants to easily overcome the following hassles by creating automated workflows.

  • When to restock, buy or sell? 
  • What to produce or purchase?  
  • What price to pay or sell at what price?  

9. Odoo has more than 2 million users globally. Target Integration is one of the top tech companies that provide customisation, implementation, and installations being Odoo Partners.

Join us and make your company a hassle-free place.
We provide you with the best experience in the Industry.

Odoo Inventory Management Business Potential - Explore better with Odoo Partners.Get detailed yet highly user-friendly modules by hiring an Odoo Developer and an Odoo Consultant.

Keep track of all the products and their stock managed by your company in single or multiple warehouses situated across the globe with a single major module developed by Odoo ERP. Simple or Complex – Odoo Inventory Management can help you deal with your warehouse management efficiently.

Advantages of Inventory Management Software

Cost Saving

Efficiency Increase

Updated Data

Insights to Trends

Centralised System

Access Anywhere

Inventory Valuation

Stock Management

Odoo Inventory Management Software - Reveal The Real Power With Odoo Partners

Being an Odoo Partner, we help you make Odoo Inventory Management a very simplified ERP software to learn and understand with basic & advanced warehouse operations.

Setup Warehouse

Import Vendors & Products

Stock Restoration

Setup the initial Inventory

Configure Sales Flow

Configure Purchase Flows

Enhanced productivity

Availability of Barcode scanners

Smart scheduler

Powerful search 

Customer portal

Custom alerts

Fully Integrated with Operations

Provide various methods

for inventory valuation

Costing methods

Valuation methods

Landed costs

Perpetual inventory valuation.

Use Routes to Support Your Own Delivery Process

Reports creation with Details

Location details

Serial number

Quantity of product on Hand 

Reserved product quantity 

Warehouse searching 

Storage place of the product.

Inventory Forecast.

End To End Tracking

Activity Log

Serial Numbers Tracking

Double Entry Inventory Management

Automate Transactions

Reduce your stock level

Wave & Batch Picking

Make to Order and Dropshipping On Demand

Not enough? Want to learn more features of Odoo Inventory Management software?

Odoo Apps - Why use asset management software with Inventory Software?

1. To avoid any overload or blackout of any item or product businesses use the Odoo Inventory m anagement app. 

2. It helps eliminate manual spreadsheets and workarounds.

3. Better demand planning with an improved supplier and customer relationship is achieved.

Require Warehouse Management Functionality in Odoo with
online stock management? Hire an Odoo Partner.

Good control with a much-needed organisation of online stock administration is now possible! For this, get the right Odoo Partner to help & guide you.

Now, flawlessly monitor the approaching and active stock in your warehouse.

Huge benefits of using an Odoo Partner with a skilled team of  Odoo consultants and developers. Read below what you may get for your warehouse management by Odoo Inventory Software app:

  • Managing Inventory Structures
  • Managing Stock Availability
  • Better Inventory Management
  • Automatic Procurements
  • Automation of Incoming Shipments
  • Automation of Outgoing Shipments
  • Automation of Internal Stock Moves
  •  Traceability & Production Lots
  •  Master Procurement Scheduling
  •  Financial Inventory Management

Odoo Inventory Management Software Development

Target Integration is an odoo development company. We have implemented Odoo Inventory Management software for many of our clients successfully across the globe.

Our Odoo Client

Our Inventory Management App IntegrationsOdoo Inventory Management Software is available for many Odoo Apps Integrations.


Have all your inventory operations impact your accounting in real-time or periodically.


Automate proposition of purchase orders and control products coming from your suppliers in just a few clicks.


Define quality control points and trigger quality alerts easily.


Automatically shedule all your inventory operations based on sales orders.

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