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Complete Business Management System

Odoo is an all-in-one open source business management software and is a perfect fit for both small and large companies alike.

It is a business suite containing a number of applications, each tailored for a specific department like sales, project management, inventory and warehouse management, manufacturing, human resource management and others

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Odoo as your preferred business solution :

  • Easy to Extend
  • Easy to Learn
  • Wide Feature Set
  • Fully Cloud Based

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Features and Benefits

User Interface

A user-friendly interface means it is easier for users to adapt to Odoo.  The design is simpler and less cluttered. There is a comfortable user experience and easy navigation menu.

Advanced Technology

Odoo is based on modern and advanced technology that caters to the changing demands of your business and the market structure. Odoo has the ability to adapt to these changes.

Cost Effective

Odoo Enterprise is much cheaper than some of the popular ERP brands available in the market. And Cost Effective doesn’t mean featureless in this case. Odoo has the widest feature set compared to all of these ERP systems as well.

Easy Integration

Odoo can be easily integrated with other systems such as payment processors, an external shipping system etc. You don’t want to use multiple third-party systems; Odoo doesn’t either.


Odoo is open source which allows you to customise the system inside out if you are not happy with a particular set of functionalities. Not many systems offer you that level of customisation.


Odoo has an app store with more than 2300 free & paid modules to extend the functionality of Odoo. You only need to think of a need and there may be an app for that in the app store.

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This app helps you keep the uniqueness of your product images on the internet. Watermark them with your brand name.                                                                                                   

Now no need to fill your cart by adding products one by one, just two steps and all the previously ordered products will automatically be added to your shopping cart.                                                                         

This module will overcome the problem of buying a membership in between the duration dates where the customer will get less time of membership as start and end date are fixed.   

This module helps you to overcome the problem with the default functionality of odoo that the product description for each product variant related to the same product will be same.                                                                         

This module is for all the Irish businesses who would like to setup their accounting and county codes in Odoo quickly.
– A Chart of Accounts customised to Ireland
– VAT Rates and Structure
– IE Counties List

This module helps the service provider companies to get recorded the services they provide to the customers and generate an invoice on the basis of expenses occurred while trying to support the service call.

This unprecedented module makes it really easy to generate vendor bills from a scanned copy of purchase invoice. 

This module will overcome the default functionality in CRM module that is moving between the stages of opportunity without any required field. 

Standard way of adding products to a quotation or sales order is slow. This module helps you to upload a bulk of products or variants to your sales order in just a few steps.

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