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Odoo & Target Integration Partnership

Odoo Partner

Odoo is an all-in-one business management software that offers a wide range of business applications that form a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting businesses of all sizes. Target Integration is a gold partner of Odoo for United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland and we offer full turnkey Odoo ERP Implementation, Training, Consultation, Development and Support Services.

Target Integration is a highly valued Odoo partner with the motive to remove operational hurdles & empower businesses. We have been working with Odoo since it was OpenERP v6.1. We are particularly proud of our consultancy team who have experience of implementing Odoo in Chemical Manufacturing, Retail, Vegetable Wholesale, LED Lighting Manufacturing & Distribution, Tiles Distribution, Sports Goods Distribution and various other businesses.

Our development team has been integrating Odoo with many third-party applications like Google Suite, Office 365, Sage Line 50, Online banking etc.

Odoo and Target Integration partnership has grown over the years and we see Odoo as the leader in cloud-based ERP systems in the industry.

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This app helps you keep the uniqueness of your product images on the internet. Watermark them with your brand name.                                                                                                   

Now no need to fill your cart by adding products one by one, just two steps and all the previously ordered products will automatically be added to your shopping cart.                                                                         

This module will overcome the problem of buying a membership in between the duration dates where the customer will get less time of membership as start and end date are fixed.   

This module helps you to overcome the problem with the default functionality of odoo that the product description for each product variant related to the same product will be same.                                                                         

This module is for all the Irish businesses who would like to setup their accounting and county codes in Odoo quickly.
– A Chart of Accounts customised to Ireland
– VAT Rates and Structure
– IE Counties List

This module helps the service provider companies to get recorded the services they provide to the customers and generate an invoice on the basis of expenses occurred while trying to support the service call.

This module will overcome the default functionality in CRM module that is moving between the stages of opportunity without any required field. 

Odoo 14 Release Note & Odoo 14 Features

“Smarter than ever before!” This is what the Odoo team claims about Odoo’s version 14 in its recent release which was held virtually this year. With a free registration & over 58,000 attendees across the globe, the Online Odoo Experience 2020 was their biggest ever!  While unveiling the release notes of Odoo v14, the founder

How an ERP system can run the Whole Manufacturing Business.

A webinar was organized by Target Integration on “How an ERP system can run the Whole Manufacturing Business?” on 4th March 2020. In this webinar host, ERP Expert Kapil Arora presented a live demo where he discussed how to understand and run a business smoother with the help of Enterprise resource planning (ERP). Here is

How Superfast Order Entry module helps to speed up your order processing

The standard way of adding products to a quotation or sales order in Odoo is slow. It does not allow anyone to bulk enter list of products or product variants. If you want to do so then you need to go and add products one by one to the order line which can be slow

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