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SAP & Target Integration Partnership

SAP partner

Two trusted tech icons collaborate to enhance the business and marketing environment so that the organizations can strive towards higher revenue generation. Target Integration is a Business One Open Ecosystem SAP Partner and we have been providing our business software consultancy, integration and implementation services all across the globe specifically in Europe and in Asia.

Target Integration is a key player in the market since 2008 and comes with loads of experience by catering many renowned organizations. Being SAP Partner, Our development team has been integrating SAP ERP with many ERP systems, accounting software, inventory management software, Google applications and other third-party applications according to the business requirements of our clients.

Using our proprietary and technology-agnostic, Target Integration helps clients successfully plan, design and implement SAP software products. From consultation to customization to integration till the final deployment and even after that, Target Integration is the solution to all your organization management problems.

Contact us to learn more how our one-stop approach to ERP consulting can maximize your ROI with the help of our SAP partner program.

SAP Partner

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