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Zoho CRM & Target Integration Partnership


Target Integration is a Premium Zoho partner and the biggest reseller of Zoho CRM in northern India. Zoho CRM is a multi-channel CRM software with an inbuilt conversational AI, pipeline management system, tools for marketing and sales force automation, and in-depth analytics.

With the help of this partnership, Target Integration provides services for Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, Zoho Desk, Zoho People, Zoho Recruit and many more. Our development team has been integrating Zoho with many ERP systems, accounting software, Google applications and other third-party applications according to the business requirements of our clients to automate their business in every aspect.

Zoho Partner

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Zoho Products Support by Target Integration

All the features to run your entire organisation in one suite. Zoho one is a package of unrivaled 40 integrated applications in one account. You can administer  the working of your organisation from anywhere and anytime you so desire and that too by not effecting the size of your pocket.

Forget about the complexities of using a CRM software. With Zoho CRM reach people on the phone, via live chat, email, social media. Know your business updates on the go. Meet your customers, no matter the medium. Keep yourself updated about what your customers are interested in by using visitor tracking and email analytics. Communicate, connect, and close the deal with Zoho CRM.

Technology never stands still, especially in markets such as HR Technology where customers are continually pushing for more and better solutions. To get over the hustle of managing your employee’s information, Zoho brings you their stand-alone Human resource management software, Zoho People.

Your own context-aware help desk software by Zoho to help you focus on your customer. It covers all the bases from increasing your productivity to the core of your customer service effort. And all this just in the palm of your hand.

What if you don’t have to be a programmer to design great applications. Yes with Zoho Creator you just have to drag and drop to create custom business applications in days rather than weeks. Moreover, you can generate hybrid applications by using Zoho Creator. And custom integration using third party application such as Twilio, PayPal, Zapier, and many more are always a part of the package.

Recruit the best, with Zoho’s powerful recruiting software. Zoho Recruit is a cutting-edge applicant tracking system that helps you streamline your hiring process by stepping over the manual hurdles of recruiting.

Zoho Mail

All the best features of social networking into email has been brought together by Zoho mail. It lets you tag people, share folders, pictures in a click of a button. The main motive is to keep your social life healthy, effective and beneficial too. Zoho Mail is now offered as a part of Zoho Workplace, an integrated suite of nine applications including Zoho Docs, Connect and Office Suite.

Zoho Books

Managing your finances has never been this easy. With Zoho books, a GST ready accounting software that lets you send invoices, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory, generate reports, and file GST returns effortlessly. Set up the software in minutes and if you have any querry our support staff is always there to rescue you.

How to Set Up and Customize your Deal Pipelines in Zoho CRM?

Target Integration had recently organised a webinar on – How to Set Up and customize your deal pipelines in Zoho CRM? It was hosted on 12th August 2020 where our Zoho expert Cynthia Olatunji has delivered the talk. She has presented a demo explaining how to manage multiple pipelines in Zoho CRM. She also explained how

How Zoho CRM boost your Sales while Working From Home?

Shoutout to all the Gujaratis out there! Target Integration organized a webinar on ‘ How Zoho CRM boost your sales while working from home? ’ in the Gujarati language. Our webinar host Hasan Rangoonwala presented a demo where he talked about the problem that almost every business faces in managing sales, marketing, contacts, customer support,

How Zoho CRM Helps the Sales Team to Convert Leads to a Potential Buyer?

Target Integration had conducted a webinar on “how Zoho CRM automates your sales process” on 22nd May 2020 in the Hindi language Where our Zoho expert Monika Yadav presented a demo that showed how Zoho CRM enabling you to not only track the performance of your sales team but also gather actionable market intelligence in

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