ZOHO Deduplicate – One Click to Merge All

The title itself is a giveaway. You can have one or more duplicate records (customers) in your leads, contacts etc. The reason behind this could be one of the following;

  • You recently imported Accounts & Contacts into Zoho CRM and there are duplicate customers names.
  • Unknowingly you & your colleague created the same contact under two different names. One is ‘John’ another as ‘John Thomas’.


The Merge option helps you de-duplicate records or values. Below are the following options.


1. Go to “Leads”  and click  “Deduplicate Leads”



2. Select the Field from “Options” for searching duplicate records.


3. Select a record from the list of duplicates.

4. Fill up Search Criteria and Click on “Search”

5. All matching records will show below.

6. Click on “Merge & Merge” and select records in one record.


Note– You can only select three records at a time.