Zoho Bug tracker Price comparison with Features

Zoho Bug is an online platform that helps the user to debug, by knowing the source of their existence and hence initiating the process. It allows you to track and fix bugs. Automatic bug tracking happens, as and when you need. Notifications on your email keep you on the toes, these can be customized too. The tools provide you with the option to customize since each of the needs is different. It empowers time compliance too. Customer’s opinion ensures better development of your venture, hence Zoho bug tracker considers it through customer satisfaction algorithm. It uses simple dashboards and fast custom views to organize and manage bugs.

Pricing(local taxes VAT,GST,etc will be charged)   
Billed annually (per month)  
In RupeesRs1,750Rs.3000
In EUROS€20€40
In GBP£16/month£32/month
Billed Monthly    
In RupessRs1,750Rs.3000
In Euros €25€50
In GBP£20£40
Additional Users(local taxes VAT,GST,etc will be charged)    
Billed annually    
In RupessRs210/user/month
In Euros€3/user/month
In GBP£2 /user/month
Billed monthly    
In RupessRs 280/user
In Euros€4/user
In GBP£3 /user
Projects 110unlimited
Storage spaces10MB 5GB100GB
Project Templates520
Core features   
Project feedsYes Yes yes
Bug tracking yesyesyes
Project feedsyesyesyes
User managament yesyesyes
Import bugs yesyesyes
Document management yesyesyes
Pages and chat 1 project1 projectAll projects
Export bugs yesyes
Add bugs through mailyesyes
Project custom statusyesyes
Bug status & workflowyesyes
Time trackingyesyes
Bug reports Basic Advanced Advanced
Gamescope yesyes
Export projects yesyes
Project timeline grant yesyes
Link bugs yesyes
Custom viewsyes
Custom fieldsyes
SLAs yes
Business rulesyes
Custom notifications yes
Custom notifications yes
Timesheet approvalyes
Time log rejectionyes
Web to bug form yes
Email settings yes
Custom email templatesyes
Custom domain yes
Zoho desk yes
Zoho analytics yes
Zoho books /invoiceyes
Zoho peopleyes
Github yes
Bitbucket yes
Dropbox yes


Zoho bug tracker lets you explore various features like management, chats, forums, feeds etc. It contributes to your efficient way of improving skills. To manage bugs is very essential, in order to compete with other people.