Keep your business GST compliant. Accounting on the Go! Switch to smart accounting software.

Why Zoho Books is smart online accounting software?

Zoho Books is an online GST accounting software. It lets you send GST compliant invoices. Tracks inventory,  generates reports on time and files your GST returns on time. All effortlessly!

Why Zoho Books is an outstanding cloud accounting software?

  • You can create customised sales orders, estimates, purchase orders & invoices, in seconds for reflection of your brand.
  • Manage business contacts & collaborate with team members with user roles and access level permissions.
  • Create and manage all sales and purchase transactions like estimates, sales orders, credit notes, business expenses, bills, vendor credits, and a lot more.
  • Keep track of your sales tax liabilities.
  • Reconcile your transactions & connect your bank accounts.
  • Stay informed and alert with detailed insights with approx 50+ reports for your business health.
  • Automate your daily time-consuming tasks with workflow rules.
  • Adoption of High-level data security with strict privacy policy.
  • Access on the go! Anywhere, anytime! It is available on mobile platforms for iOS, Android & Windows.

Managing finances for your business is easy with this cloud accounting software. You can also automate your business workflows with the help of Zoho Partner. We can help you explore all the benefits of using this GST-ready accounting software.

Why do you need a Zoho Consultant
for accounting software?

  • A Zoho developer & consultant can customise Zoho Books
    as per your company needs.
  • A Zoho consultant can help you automate workflow rules
    for daily time-consuming tasks.
  • An authorised and experienced Zoho developer and its team
    can help you with maximum automation for your accounting
    tasks such as email updates, webhooks, custom functions,
    creating custom fields, field updates and many more.
  • Zoho Consultants will train you on filing your GST returns
    directly from this online accounting software.
  • An experienced Zoho Consultants can set up the right modules
    that you always wanted in all your accounting software after
    running several consultation sessions with you to understand
    your business well.

5 Benefits of opting Target Integration as your Zoho Partner
for Zoho Books?


Experienced and Dedicated Team.

We have worked on various projects and their finance
departments with diversified clients from manufacturing to
retailing. We will take all the pains and set up a perfect Zoho
Books online accounting
software for you.


We can ease accounting work.

You just need to be focusing upon the deals and their
negotiations. Once the setup is complete, raising sales orders
or invoices or handling any mundane accounting task efficiently
by Zoho Books. A big help for your single accountant.


Full-fledged Training.

No, we won’t let you deal it with alone after the complete
setup. Our Zoho consultants will make sure that your
accountant and accounting department is a hand-on
experience with this new digital transformation. So, happy
you, happy us!


Friendly with an account’s language.

We got a team of experienced consultants who have worked
with various accountants and have a deep knowledge of
business accounting and common terminologies. And so your
accountant won’t get pissed off in telling the account’s
language. So, you will invest quality time while working with us.



We are well-versed in every integration and can suggest you
some good Zoho apps for your growing business. An all-round
benefit for your company as you will get transparency and
automation in your business activities. We will do it all as our
Zoho support services.

Learn how these features of online accounting software can benefit you.Accounting Software that makes invoicing easy. Read more


Estimate Management

  • Create estimates in a few seconds. Convert them to invoices in a click.
  • Add contact info, items, and price details while creating estimates.
  • Deal won? Send quotes in seconds from anywhere.
  • Customise the estimates with templates for brand reflection.
  • Use the client portal to send estimates & collaborate with your client in real-time.
  • Check the estimate history section for discounts, negotiations, and the status of any estimates.
  • Get notified when your client accepts an estimate.
  • Convert estimates into invoices in a click. No double data entry.


Expense Management

  • Track accounts payable. Track your business growth.
  • Trace your bills. Make short-term and long-term business decisions with insights.
  • Check daily expenses. Record customer credits.
  • Automate expense generation. 
  • Zoho books automatically record recurring profiles for expenses.
  • Attach bills, receipts, and credit notes with your associated transactions.
  • Eliminate data entry as you got an auto-scan feature that will fetch all important information from your document.


Bank Accounts

  • Connect and reconcile your bank account in minutes.
  • Securely fetch transactions from your PayPal accounts & other banks.
  •  Get precise cash flow predictions & Balance mismatches from your banking dashboard.
  •  Put categorisations in auto-pilot. Never miss a transaction by setting bank rules.
  •  Expedite transaction matching.
  • Keep your business tax ready.
  • Process faster in bulk. Do CUDA operation in bulk mode.


Client Portal

  • Share recent transactions. Capture feedback. Share on social media.
  • Speed up the estimated approval process.
  • Allow your client to complete partial & bulk payments with a click.
  • The client portal keeps copies of invoices, estimates, and project details.
  • Get notified when a client views, accepts, declines, comments, or makes payments.
  • Clients can download and print past transactions.
  • They can update their personal information.
  • Overall, better communication and faster way to work with your client.


Bill Management

  •  Manage your purchase bills and pay vendors on time.
  •  Set bills on recurring mode.
  •  Decide the right selling price by adding landed cost into your bills.
  •  Send bills for approval. Increase accounting accuracy. 
  •  Eliminate the risk of processing incorrect transactions.
  • Associate customers with billable items.
  • Create bills from purchase orders.
  • Record vendor credits.


Task Management

  •  Keep track of project hours. Do a Time-logging for each working hour.
  •  Option to use the timer widget to clock the time you spend.
  •  Keep track of multiple projects.
  •  Customise user access and role access. Restrict your user.

There is a time log option where you can account for every hour you worked on a certain project for a client using Zoho Projects. Check out our webinar here on
How to Manage Multiple Clients and Timelog for their Projects in Zoho Books?

Checkout Zoho Books mobile apps here.Looking for an experienced partner for out-of-the-box integrations?

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