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Why Choose Target Integration as your Zoho partner?

The most commonly faced problem by a sales team is not spending enough time on what they need to & that’s Prospects!

As an authorised Zoho Partner, Target Integration can help you resolve all issues faced by your sales reps. Zoho Bigin is a powerful but easy-to-use solution. Target Integration can help you understand all the features. We can help you unveil the real potential of Zoho Bigin by providing our best consultancy services to you. 

Get 10 benefits of choosing Target Integration for your simple
Pipeline Management System.

 We can help you improve your sales opportunities by providing the best consultancy services.

Our experienced Zoho consultants can help your sales reps focus on lead-to-deal conversion by eliminating repetitive tasks.

No matter whether you are still using spreadsheets or even simple tools, our experienced consultants can help you understand the benefits first and then implement them if you agree to move ahead.

Our Zoho experts can help you engage more prospects. We can design web forms to capture your website visitor details.

We can set up automated workflows for your organisation to send and receive emails – Product specific.

We can help you in setting up an efficient pipeline management system. Our Zoho consultants can customise deal stages.

A customised dashboard with all insights, activities and follow-ups details are readily available in a timeline view format – developed by our experienced Zoho developers.

Real-time notifications are the need of the hour for every Sales Reps and team; to close deals faster. Our experienced consultant can implement it for you.

We can make all Zoho Bigin features implemented on your sales reps mobiles too. (Android & iOS both available.)

We help businesses grow with transparency and can help you integrate any third-party app, module, or services. Talk to us or contact here to connect with expert Zoho consultants to discuss your needs.

About Zoho Bigin | Target
Integration is an authorised
Zoho Partner.Win more customers! Manage your pipeline effectively.
Choose expert Zoho partners.

Whenever it comes to the lead-to-deal process, the skill of organising all the data is very important. This Zoho app let it happen for you! Yes, a powerful tool for the sales team by Zoho has all your prospects information captured for you. Whether it is general information, basic details, emails, activities or even social media activities say their tweets – All necessary information now in your hand to keep all your prospects conversation at your fingertips. 

Target Integration being an authorised Zoho partner helps you with all services such as Zoho Bigin consultant, Zoho Bigin solution provider, Zoho Bigin product implementation or even after support and maintenance services.

Why choose Zoho Bigin Service
Provider for your Sales Reps?

Because it is effortless! How? Well, if you are handling a sales team with any Pipeline Management System, you can easily connect with the time and effort this system requires maintaining the data properly into the system. Right? 

But with the right Zoho Bigin service provider, you don’t have to get the long hours training on this compact module. It’s easy, fast and very user-friendly, especially for sales reps. It is specially designed for sales reps, as Zoho Bigin knows how much field service module is beneficial – if it is on a smartphone in the form of an App. Yes! This Sales App is available for iOS and Android smartphone devices. Also, it has been built with special consideration for field sales reps.

Get expert consultants for Zoho Bigin.

Features & Benefits

Get all customer context

See Timeline, history of data, deal information, social media activities, & emails of all your leads – you got it all! Hey, don’t freak out. Yes, it’s that easy to grab any pitch next time you have a prospect.

Easy design with limited features

No need to learn all! Yes, we know that you have to use only some features for that deal to consider for the next stage. Only use limited features and don’t get confused and puzzled.

Get all customer context

See Timeline, history of data, deal information, social media activities, & emails of all your leads – you got it all! Hey, don’t freak out. Yes, it’s that easy to grab any pitch next time you have a prospect.

Integrations| Build-in telephony

A cool integration to reach out to your customers and prospects easily. Cool because you can have an integrated but no-hardware telephone system. Purchase a phone number for your team, make/receive calls and you are good to go.

Insights and real-time notifications

Who doesn’t want this? Communication at the right time with a prospect with real-time notifications from your teammates. What’s going on? What to do next? You have all the reminders, dear salespeople.

Out-of-the-box analytics dashboard

Super awesome feature that holds your eye and lets you know what to keep or discard at the right time. All the pipeline insights. Bigin Dashboard helps you determine the key performance indicators.

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