Zoho Bigin Price Comparison with Features

Zoho Bigin is a customer pipeline management software from the Zoho CRM family and it is a great first step for anyone who wants a simple, powerful tool that will help them get organized with their pipelines. Connect with your business prospects through email, calls, and Twitter. With every piece of information on hand and arranged neatly in your pipeline tool, you’ll never have to worry when you’re getting on a quick call or a meeting with a prospect.


Features Editions
Free Express
Users and Control
Billed Annually
(/user/month billed annually)
In DOLLAR FREE $7/user/month
In RUPEE FREE ₹400/user/month
In GBP FREE £5.6/user/month
In Euro FREE €7/user/month
Billed Monthly
(/user/month billed monthly)
In DOLLAR FREE $9/User/month
In RUPEE FREE ₹550/user/month
In GBP FREE £7.2/user/month
In Euro FREE €9/user/month
Users 1 1
Profiles 2 5
Roles 2 5
Data Administration
Records 500 25,000
Tags 5 tags/record,

20 tags/module

Import Data 250 records/batch 10,000 records/batch
Import History Last 60 Days Last 60 Days
Free Data Backup 2/month
One Time Data Backup $5/request $5/request
File Storage/Org 1GB 1GB
File Storage/user 512MB/user
Audit Log Yes
Unique Fields 2/module
Custom Fields 20/module
Custom List Views 5/module 20/module
Max Records in List View 50 100
Pipeline View Yes Yes
Customize Related Lists Tabs Yes Yes
Pipelines 1 5
Custom Dashboards 10
Workflow Rules 3,

1 condition/rule


1 condition/rule

Workflow Tasks 1 task/action 3 tasks/actions
Email Notifications 1alert/action 3 alert/action
Field Updates 1/action 3/action
Send email notification for record

owners/creators/owner’s managers

Yes Yes
Web Forms 1 5
Approve Records Yes Yes
Notify Record Owner Yes
Zoho Desk Yes Yes
Office 365 Yes
Google Contacts & Calendar Yes
Zapier Yes Yes
Zoho Flow Yes Yes
Email Yes
Telephony Yes Yes
Twitter Yes
Signals Yes
Mass Emails 250emails/day/org
Email Insights Yes
Attachments in Email 3MB/email 10MB/email

Zoho Bigin is created on Zoho CRM, the software platform that empowers millions of businesses worldwide to transform their customer relationships. To know more about Zoho Bigin please Contact Us. Target Integration is a Zoho partner and the biggest reseller of Zoho products and provides all types of support for the Zoho application.