Supply Chain Management System for Cement Manufacturing CompanyManufacturing

For one leading Cement Manufacturing Company, success and double-digit sales growth came with a cost: an overburdened supply chain that threatened to reduce market share.

Dalmia knew that in order to succeed in this era of technology their supply chain and logistics department needed to be much more robust than what they were. Dalmia approached Target Integration to help streamline their operations.

Dalmia Cement
December 2017
VTiger Ultimate Suite
Our Role
Consulting, Implementation & Software Development


Dalmia Cement is a pan India based company and faced many shortcomings while executing its operations in Andhra Pradesh.

Customer Service

Customer service is the heart of supply chain management. It is all about providing the right quantity of the right product, to the right place and at the right time. But Dalmia was unable to provide satisfactory customer service to its clients due to lack of information on its inbound and outbound operations.

Dealer/Distributor Relationship Management

It’s important to create, understand, and follow mutually agreed-upon standards. But due to communication gaps and lack of single point of contact, Dalmia’s Dealer/Distributor Relationship Management had to face glitches.

Planning and Risk Management

Changes in the market, like new product launches, global sourcing, political agendas, credit availability, and consumer demand, can give rise to major issues, and these changes can come from almost any direction. Dalmia was losing its grip over the execution of the tasks and had to make some immediate changes to its working scheme.


Target Integration understood Dalmia’s challenges and proposed to operate on a Supply Chain Management Model where Target Integration’s Consultants worked on a project report and proposed the best in class solution to Dalmia

Single-point of Contact

Target Integration facilitated SPOC to ensure that all clients will have the same experience, from the tone of emails to the speed of access to information. A SPOC allows Dalmia to create a simple set of standards for communication, information storage, and time management, creating a consistent client-facing personality.

Customised CRM

Target Integration’s Consultant proposed a simple and fast migration solution to help migrate content from files, folders and other databases to VTiger CRM on-premise and on-cloud. Target Integration customised VTiger CRM according to Dalmia’s requirements for an improved supply chain management.

Order Tracking Integration

To perform smooth and efficient tasks, Order tracking Integration is a must. The process helps monitor, order processing, shipping, and communicating it to the customer so they can know what to expect and be aware of any delays. Such as for Dalmia now, they can track the details of the delivery made by the transporter and examine which transporter is the most efficient and lucrative.


The initial results of the project implementation have been very encouraging. Dalmia employees are now more empowered and also now they enjoy the benefit of generating reports instantaneously whenever they need. The effort vastly improved the company’s Supply chain management and logistics department, streamlined the order preparation process and reduced distribution transport time.


There is a measurable increase in customer happiness index(CHI) and it is a leverage that will eventually be converted into higher profits. And of course, a lot of hours are being saved every day.

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