Strata Tiles boosted sales by automated business process with Odoo AppsTiles Industry implemented Odoo CRM, Odoo Sales Management, Inventory & Warehouse Management.

Strata Tile
Strata Tiles is a Topps Tiles company based in London and Guildford in the UK. They are in the business of tiles distribution and sales. They were implementing Odoo themselves with the support of Odoo direct for almost one year.

Target Integration came in and got them live within one month of taking them over and started improving various business areas. At this stage, Strata Tiles is using Odoo for CRM, Sales Management, Inventory & Warehouse Management.

Strata Tiles
December 2017
Odoo Version 12
Our Role
Consulting, Implementation & Software Development


The priority for Strata Tiles is to provide a solution that supports the sales process and the link to procurement and ordering of raw materials and parts. The required outcomes will reduce the impact of these processes on the inventory at all locations. Better information will cause better customer service and overall performance.

To attain all official task and activities along with the official documents and communications recorded at one place, they required a system which should be integrated.

The customer relationship management was also required as they are the real deal. The key communication had to be very strong like a proper email notification for product availability in stock or out of stock. Follow-Up management and other procedures needed to be implemented.

Strata Tiles strongly believed that they required a good robust one-stop solution for their business growth. Therefore, reports and data were of prime importance which will let them know how the company is performing.

Strata Tiles strongly believed that they required a good robust one-stop solution for their business growth. Therefore, reports and data were of prime importance which will let them know how the company is performing.


Target Integration helped them and implemented various Odoo apps in a month’s time.

Odoo CRM

The CRM provided with all customers data and their detailed information. It was linked to all the other apps for better communication. A proper email and follow up workflow procedure was implemented. 

Odoo Inventory management

The stock management, their availability, storage, and utilization based on the various unit of measures was the primary requirements of the company. The Odoo has the feature of a unit of measure management that was required in the calculation of product stocking.

Odoo Sales management

To manage quotations, leads and prospects this solution was implemented. The various activities involved in presales and post-sales were implemented. A complete streamlining of sales activities was done.

Odoo Warehouse management

From sales order to deliveries and from returns to again stock addition, this app handled all. The receipts and handwritten docket entries were also automated and now all the information was stored in the system.

ResultsAt each stage, a set of ‘Requirements’ were identified and at the proposed phase it was completed. They were as defined under:

The automated solution eradicated manual processes. This helped them to store all the information in one system. Therefore, loss of data and gap issues were fixed.

primarily focused on manufacturing process: This phase focused on the improvement and development of capabilities provided in phase one and expanded the focus to the manufacturing process that included work order planning, wider resource planning and the role of quality control.

All the apps were integrated which made the system transparent and less dependable. Hence, saved a lot of time and effort in processing any information.

The unit of measure management helped the company in dealing with the correct stock management. It also improved the stock information which helped the inventory and warehouses effectively communicated about the product stock.

The sales team explored new options from sales to delivery & follow up. The sales team had full customer information through CRM which benefited in their follow up process.

Proper reporting was made available from each department which helped management very clear about their business decisions.

Target Integration made sure that a better company structure with defined processes should be implemented. As a result, smaller overheads were reported.

Don't forget tiles are measured in "square meters" and sold in "boxes". Are you having challenges with your unit of measure management? Talk to us at or visit

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