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Instant UpRight is a global manufacturer & supplier of scaffolding systems. Based out of Dublin, Ireland, the organization was using a 20-year-old ERP system that could no longer keep up with Instant Upright’s scale of operations. They did attempt an ERP implementation in the past with a reasonable budget but were not satisfied after its application.

Recognizing that the previous product no longer suited their needs,  Instant Upright began searching for a company to offer consultation on how to approach this business problem. That’s how they came to know about Target Integration. They inquired about Odoo, a cloud-based business management software, to solve for their business management & automation challenges. 

Within six months of the project, many of their modules were already live & running —modules such as Sales Management, Inventory Management, Helpdesk, and Accounting Systems. Our team was also able to migrate over five years’ worth of data from their old system to the new one. The newly implemented Odoo ERP, hosted on the Odoo Software, now provides Instant Upright with the capability to seamlessly manage their various business processes including Sales Automation, Helpdesk Management, Inventory Tracking, Accounting, and much more. At the same time, the robust system will also contribute to the company’s revenues, in years to come.

Instant UpRight
October 2019
Odoo Version 12
Our Role
Consulting, Implementation & Software Development

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ChallengeWhen Instant Upright reached out to Target Integration for revamping their entire ERP System, our team went through a rigorous process of understanding their current challenges. We found the following pressing areas on which Instant Upright could improve upon

Sales Automation & Integration with Inventory Management:

Instant Upright wanted to implement a Sales Automation Tool which would enhance the Sales Team’s Productivity by reducing the data capturing time. For better order management & a smaller sales cycle, they also needed to integrate Sales with Inventory & Procurement Management

A better planning process:

The current planning process needed to be upgraded & automated to minimize manual intervention. The lead time for ordering Inventory from vendors needed to be reduced in order to deliver the raw materials on time. This would help in further expediting the manufacturing process for the scaffolding systems. 

Lack of Internal Communication:

The team at Instant Upright felt the need for a centralized communication system for its various departments. Each member of the team required access to his specific department information as well as visibility over other business functions. This was currently missing in the existing system and was also adding to a lot of miscommunication within the organization.

Dynamic Reporting:

An intelligent reporting system was needed to make better business decisions. Particularly for the managers at the company, it was essential to have a comprehensive reporting dashboard so they could see the performance of various departments as graphical representations.


Instant Upright required a multi-level system to eliminate malicious sales or hidden purchasing. Therefore, they needed a system that could put checks between purchase & selling processes and could also include approval mechanisms at various levels. 

Proposed Modules from Odoo

After assessing the challenges that Instant Upright was facing, Target Integration recommended the Odoo ERP Software.  This software would not only take care of the challenges posed by individual business functions but would also solve the broader issue of scalability, that Instant Upright had been struggling with.

Our team at Target Integration selected 10+ Modules in Odoo, along with various configuration and customization changes to make the solution tailormade for Instant Upright.

Odoo Manufacturing:

Odoo Manufacturing is a robust manufacturing process management module of Odoo & helps the entire product life cycle. Right from the procurement of raw material for scaffolding to the finished product, the entire production management was mapped and automated for Instant Upright.

Odoo Inventory Planning:

Next, Target Integration implemented Odoo’s Inventory Planning module to solve another pressing need of Instant Upright. This included implementing complex processes of procurement, sales forecasting, order & stock management, warehouse management, vendor management, etc.

Data Migration:

A detailed plan on how to move data to Odoo was built at each stage. Whenever any organization plans to move its existing software to the newer tool the biggest nightmare always is data migration.

While implementing the solution for Instant Upright, Target Integration made sure no data loss happened in the transition. It covered the format of the data as well as the process of getting it transferred. Prior to this, a data-cleaning exercise also took place where all 9000 items were migrated, including sales reports, open sales & supplier items, BoM components etc.

Product development:

Odoo’s product life-cycle management tool was implemented to easily track the development of new products and their BoMs. Also, implementation of all the tasks to provide the functional benefits like document management, price history, project quotation, calculation of total manufacturing cost, development & recording of the manufacturing quality plan, and product life cycle management, etc.

Odoo Helpdesk Management:

For every company, after the sales, the most important department which insures all the success stories is Customer Service Department or Helpdesk Team or Customer Support, the same was the case for Instant Upright. Here we implemented Odoo’s Helpdesk Module, along with SLA and Escalation Matrix for the Instant Upright Team to Track and ensure the maximum Customer Satisfaction.

Odoo Built-in Barcode Solutions:

To optimize the time taken in selecting the inventory and its management we introduced Odoo Product Barcoding for Instant Upright, where barcode scanning apps got implemented for their scanning works. This greatly helped in the management of inventory movement in the warehouse.

Odoo Document Management:

This solution helped Instant Upright to easily generate professional business documents. Through this solution, the company was able to easily create, share, send, receive, categorize & archive the scanned documents. They could even develop product sheets for manufacturing works.

Odoo Order Management:

One of the key challenges for Instant Upright was an effective and efficient sales process. Here for Instant Upright, Target Integration implemented Sales modules integrated with Odoo Inventory System. This helped the Instant Upright team with the entire tracking of sales including sales history, quotation tracking, order management & other key information that was configured in Odoo ERP.

Odoo Sales Management:

Along with order management, the Sales Process or Odoo CRM was implemented to simplify the Application Tracking System.  Quotations were individually tagged with each project and also enabled the project management to pull larger datasets together and to link various systems with each other.

Odoo Accounting:

 Odoo’s Accounting system was a one-stop solution for all the financial requirements mentioned by Instant Insight. For more sophisticated reporting, there was an integration done between Power BI and Odoo.

Inventory Control:

It provided a range of enhancements related to stock, stock control, documentation, and tracking. Many inventory functionalities like sub-location within each warehouse, two-tier operations, automated replenishments, lead time management, and finance notifications were set up for Instant Upright. This implementation is already bearing positive results for Instant Upright in terms of Inventory Availability and Tracking.

Odoo Purchase Management:

One of the most important aspects for any organization for reaching profits is to make sure their cost is lower and optimized. Here Target Integration implemented the Purchase Process in Odoo where procurement rules were configured on stock levels, sales orders & logistics. Similarly, it got implemented to forecast manufacturing orders, etc along with various Multilevel Approvals where various team member approves the transaction before it’s been processed.

Odoo Expenses Management:

The Odoo Expense Solution helped Instant Upright to validate the expenses inputted by the Sale Team and various other team members into multiple categories of the expense.
The solution provided to the team is a powerful system where all records related to expense and their receipts, company bills & employee bills were saved securely.
With the help of the Approval Process, the Instant Upright team was able to track and control the expenses of various departments.

Other Developments:

It included BOMs from CAD to Odoo, health, and safety management along with incident reporting, a quality management system to support the business aligned to ISO 9001, Machine maintenance schedule system. All got implemented as per the phase implementations.

ResultsAbove were some of the standout implementation points that Target Integration has addressed with Odoo Implementation for Instant Upright. The results of the implementations were so positive that it led Instant Upright to implement these solutions to its other 4 Group Companies. Right now Target Integration is working on the integration of all 4 companies for a single reporting purpose.

At each stage, a set of ‘Requirements’ got identified and at the proposed phase completed accordingly. All are defined hereunder with further details.

Phase 1

primarily focused on inventory & sales process development:

This element focused on the sales process and the development of project plans and simulations that allowed quotations and initial planning of production. It considered the stock situation as part of the planning and proposals and supported the procurement process—emphasis on enabling rapid deployment of requirements formed an underlying theme. Any compound or extended developments got covered in the later stages.

Phase 2

primarily focused on manufacturing process:

This phase focused on the improvement and development of capabilities provided in phase one. It expanded the focus to the manufacturing process that included work order planning, more extensive resource planning, and the role of quality control.

Phase 3

focused on marketing activities, HR & other operations: 

This final phase looked into further development on existing capabilities, brought in functions related to Go Direct, Online Sales and Marketing activities, Built-In Barcode Scanner for warehouses, Helpdesk Management Systems, Document Management,  as well as other operations such as HR, Maintenance and better Expense Management.

Each phase got completed when all the sections of work received a sign-off and got tested too.

The final task of each phase provided training for all affected staff on the usage of the system. These were adapted to include/match any SOP training provided by Instant Upright as part of the change process.

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