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Design Emporium
Design Emporium is supplying and fitting wall and floor tiles, including marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic, mosaic and travertine.

They have a showroom and a separate warehouse in Dublin. Target Integration helped Design Emporium move from Sage Line 50 to a full ERP system with all the features of Opportunity Management, Quote Management, Sales Orders, Lead management, Accounting and Stock Management.

Since bringing Odoo with the help of Target Integration, Odoo Partner in Ireland. Design Emporium have found themselves to be more efficient and customer-centric in their business.

Instant UpRight
December 2017
Odoo Version 12
Our Role
Consulting, Implementation & Software Development


General Company Setup Requirement

For their business growth, Design Emporium required a general setup for the company details like contact details, VAT number, registration number & enabling multiple addresses for customers.

Configuration of the Invoicing modules

Configuration with VAT rates for Ireland, accounts renaming for IE compatibility, FY end date, Auto-update of currency rates, fiscal positions, down payment refunds and sample invoice refunds..


Additional modules for customisations such as a new field added.

Email Configuration

There was need to send and receive emails on behalf of Design Emporium. Configure users to receive notifications on updates.

Quote Management

Create a quotation for the opportunity. Implementation of the standard T&Cs document as a part of the quotation email..

Sales Process

There was an utmost need for the sales order as the delays and no timely deliveries – both were affecting the business performance. This gap also created confusion among the customers. The sales performance was adversely affected by the overall sales process.


Target Integration gathered a list of all above requirements and provided a plan to accomplish all the challenges. Target Integration being an Odoo partner deals with the development, customisation, maintenance, and support of “Odoo ERP” with a wide range of modules.
Phase 1 of this project implemented CRM & Sales Management for Design Emporium. Phase 2 implementation of Odoo Accounting for Design Emporium business was done.

Quotation Management

Odoo 12.0+e (Enterprise Edition) was implemented for Design Emporium with Odoo cloud hosting services.

Quotes are created on an opportunity or directly through the Quotes module in Odoo.

Odoo CRM

Target Integration provided them with Odoo CRM, which is well known for its customer-centric approach. All the unique requirements of the client were achieved as the CRM is highly customisable. Therefore, there is no limitation on the capabilities of the system.

Purchase Management

Stock levels are managed in-stock books for each product/product type and are updated automatically now. The stock levels will be automatically reduced because of consumption by the manufacturing process. Orders for raw material will be created automatically based on the schedule of the delivery of orders.

Warehouse Management

As there was no need to transfer stock from one warehouse to another and vice versa, only one warehouse details inputted in the Odoo ERP warehouse management app. The warehouse management app helped the check on stock for the supply versus demand requirements. All materials, receipts, and delivery were managed more hassle-free after it’s implementation.


Opportunity Management

Once a lead is qualified, it will be converted to an Opportunity by clicking on the button in the Leads module. The user may also create opportunities directly in the database without going through the Leads module.

Odoo Inventory Management

The Odoo warehouse management software was provided which helped to manage inventory and respond timely for any requirements by the customer on their delivery orders. 

Finance and Accounting

Odoo is known for its tagline for their finance and accounting software “Do more in less time” made DE achieve the business accounting simple. Yet accuracy levels were achieved which provided them the time to make improvements in their workflow and other customer services.

Lead Management

Once the form has been submitted, an email goes to the client to welcome them to Design Emporium and to give them the details about Design Emporium as well as a link to the privacy policy of Design Emporium etc. as per the email template provided by Design Emporium.

ResultsAt each stage, a set of ‘Requirements’ were identified and at the proposed phase it was completed. They were as defined under:

Timely Cooperation

All the apps were integrated which made the system transparent and less dependable. Hence, saved a lot of time and effort in processing any information. At the same time, providing better options for marketing and growth tracking through analytics and reporting.

Easy Team Composition

Through Odoo Sales Module, the sales team explored new options from sales to delivery & follow up. The sales team had full customer information through CRM which benefited in their follow-up process.

Odoo Website App

A beautiful design with user-friendly and mobile-friendly templates were implemented to display the products and various offers on them.

Odoo eCommerce Module

DE strongly believed that they required a good robust one-stop solution for their business growth. Therefore, reports and data were of prime importance which will let them know how the company is performing.

Target Integration made sure that a reliable and goal-oriented Project Team Competence leading to a better company structure should be implemented. As a result, with defined processes smaller overheads were reported which helped for good support and commitment for Top Management.

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