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CRM for sales: What Features to Look For?

Customer Management

Customer contact management is the most basic, but also the most useful feature of a CRM. Ensure that the CRM you choose has all the possibilities of tracking communications with a customer (new and existing).

Lead Tracking

Any new leads going into the CRM should have full tracking, the ability to identify actions taken, a history on qualified leads, and salesperson identity. These are some of the basic features which will be beneficial to your business.

Maps Integration

Check that the CRM supports maps interface. It is very useful when you or your sales team are planning to visit customers in the field, and would like to create an optimised travel plan, reducing the time in the car versus the time in front of the customer.

Expense Management

Tracking and recording travel expenses can be a daunting task. Your CRM can support expense management to make this an easier task.

Sales Incentive

Calculation of sales incentives and commissions can be a difficult task, even if you have a simple commission structure. A CRM can help you calculate it easily and report it on a weekly or monthly basis.

Sales Pipeline

Once you have received a few leads in the organisation, management of the sales pipeline is a very important task – not only for the sales team but also for planning and production purposes.

Lead Assignment

Do you have multiple sales people, partners or distributors who receive leads from a company’s generic pool of leads? Use automated lead assignment rules to make it easier, and quicker to assign leads to them.

Mobile CRM

In today’s world, it’s a waste of resources if you are picking up a CRM without a mobile app or mobile interface. Make sure your field sales team can update the data in the CRM as easily as your inside sales team.

CRM for sales - which Software?



  • CRM for small & medium sized businesses
  • Free for up to 10 users
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Has geolocation interface on mobile app

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Microsoft-Dynamics-Target-Integration-Best CRM and ERP

Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Powerful workflow capabilities
  • Tightly integrated with Office 365
  • Perfect for full sales automation and tracking

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Odoo-Target-Integration_Best CRM and ERP


  • Integrated CRM & ERP
  • Open source
  • High customisation capability


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  • Perfect for SMEs
  • Highly customisable
  • Large number of extensions/addons available

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