Zoho People integration with
a biometric machine is a blessing
for HR management.
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Zoho People: Get all-in-one attendance management software
with biometric machine integration.

Zoho People is a cloud-based HR solution and is user-friendly software. Whereas, a biometric device is a security authentication and verification device. When Zoho People integrate with a biometric device, they identify data input through some pre-defined automated steps. The biometric device verifies and recognises any form of human presence. This presence includes fingerprints, facial images, iris and voice recognition.

Get accurate, reliable and secure data.
Get attendance management software that involves no human calculations by integrating Zoho People with your biometric device. But ease of management as everything is in auto mode after a one-time custom setting. Now, restrict your employees in premise within their time limits. No more worries in people management. Reliable solution for in and out time tracking of all employees for daily attendance management.

Single integration –  Multiple offerings!
Relax and go home on time. Don’t forget to punch out before you leave the office for daily attendance tracking. Else your salary will get deducted on the salary day. No alteration is possible. So, now it’s employee time to manage their time while in office or they get to pay for their irresponsible behavior.

What could be better than this for HR and Payroll managers?

People organisation: Benefits of using a biometric solution with Zoho People.

Automation of staff attendance iconAutomation of staff attendance. Access anywhere, anytime! 

No registers. No human calculation at month-end. Automate the in-time and out-time of every employee automatically. Get attendance reports generated with a click anywhere, anytime.

Real time date entry iconReal-time data entry.

How? As real-time information is first authenticated. And then verified before any entry into the system. So, only data input which is available on-premise. Hence, real reports.

Better employee trackingBetter employee activity tracking.

Track all the time – Lunchtime or breaks. It has daily time logs. An employee can check their reports and calculate their efficiency in their accounts. So track productivity daily for every employee.

Secure data iconSecure data.

The automation methods in Zoho People App leave no security loopholes within the system. It verifies all the data that goes within the system with the biometric machine system using API.

Accurate employee data iconAccurate employee data in attendance.

As the biometric device includes human characteristics for authentication & verification. All the data is accurate and they cannot interpret any false information.

No more employee proxy iconNo more employee proxy.

Well, gone are the days when your employee can play around with their physical presence. No proxies can come into existence now. The powerful integration ends such practices.

No extra management iconNo extra management effort required.

Zoho People integration with a biometric device provides a great technology tool. It automates all modules. All data is secure. No alteration in data is possible.

Payroll error reduction

Payroll error reduction.

Generating a payroll report is never easier than before. No employee can claim their false presence. Zoho People App generates a salary report based on calculation out of the verified data inputted by employees every day per month in the biometric device.

Quick steps - How to integrate a biometric device with Zoho People?

Zoho People is a cloud-based HR solution application. For real-time attendance, we can integrate Zoho People with a biometric device. 
If you are looking for a Zoho expert consultant to help you in setting up
Zoho People with a biometric device, then give us a try!

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We help you organise and manage your people by selecting the right attendance management software (Zoho People App) for your business. Ask one of our Zoho experts about how they can help with the Zoho People (attendance management system) and its integration with a biometric machine. Automate and streamline your HR and payroll management today.

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