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Zoho Recruit

Recruit the best, with Zoho’s powerful recruiting software. Zoho Recruit is a cutting-edge applicant tracking system that helps you streamline your hiring process by stepping over the manual hurdles of recruiting. With Zoho Recruit, common operations related to recruitment, interviews and hiring can be seamlessly managed to relieve a lot of uncalled burden off your HR officer.

Why should you choose Zoho Recruit?

  • Applicant tracking system with CRM
  • Candidate status
  • Careers website page
  • Create job openings
  • Emails inside Zoho Recruit
  • Embed resume form
  • Import from Zoho CRM
  • Advanced Search
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Parse resumes
  • Publish job openings
  • Resume database
  • Schedule interviews
  • Track source

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Features and Benefits

Hire anywhere, anytime

Don’t get confined to the interview room, Take your interviews anywhere you wish with Zoho Recruit’s mobile app. Get away from your desk while still getting work done and hire the best for your team.

Manage Candidate’s Database

Don’t throw away your candidate’s profile into the black hole, save them for new job openings. When a recruiter archives a candidate to Zoho Recruit, the Appication Tracking System resurfaces the profile automatically when a new job opening opens up.

Dynamics 365 Reliable Deployment

Comprehensive insights

Zoho Recruit provides a complete overview of everything keeping track of all activities, choices, preferences etc. The centralized database which is hosted on the cloud leads to more automated and streamlined process in business.

Everything in a box

 With Zoho Recruit, HR managers have complete control over the hiring process, and manage all recruiting operations from a single dashboard. The customizable system makes it easy to acquaint talent in line with personalized rules and policies, and brings all candidate information under the same roof.

Customize the way you want

With Zoho Recruit, design and describe job postings, and share them on internal portals and popular career sites. For the purpose, you can use some of the platforms attractive and modifiable templates, or create a brand new listing with detailed descriptions.

Parse in the Information

Pinpoint the best among candidates even without looking into their information in detail, as all information you receive is automatically parsed and populated in the candidate’s profile. The profile contains all important data, and is immediately archived in the candidate database for further use.

Specialized Training

Target Integration is the biggest reseller of Zoho services in the UK, US, Ireland, and India. We provide comprehensive training of the product before handing it over to you so you make the best out of the product. Our trainers divide chunk training content into bite-sized pieces: one module per product or service. As, Micro-learning helps our clients process and retain information better, and limiting modules to a single topic can prevent cognitive overload.

Customization Capabilities

A product is best when it fits your requirement, but when the product is generic you need to modify it for yourself. We help our customers to choose and then tailor the product like they want. More precisely our experienced development team can modify the product best to your advantages by integrating it with more powerful third party applications which when combined in the right way can enhance your productivity.

Reliable Deployment

Software deployment process is a sequence of related activities for installing an already developed application into its target environment, and bringing it into an executing state. Our experienced team ensures a reliable deployment of your business critical system and makes sure you get the most out of it by using all the features provided by Zoho.

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