Autonomously Manage your Human Resource with Zoho People

Be it employee on-boarding, attendance management, time tracking or appraisals – Get it all covered with Zoho People.

Zoho People

Technology never stands still, especially in markets such as HR Technology where customers are continually pushing for more and better solutions. To get over the hustle of managing your employee’s information, Zoho brings you their stand-alone Human resource management software, Zoho People.

Zoho People is designed to conquer herculean HR tasks. Companies can use Zoho People to manage every single aspect of their workforce management and can do so from any location in the world.

Why should you choose?

  • Mobile App
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Time Tracker
  • Performance management
  • Form Customization
  • Centralized Employee Information
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • E-signature
  • HR analytics

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Features and Benefits

Dynamics 365 Specialized Training

Centralized data

A system that is hosted on cloud with features such as goal setting and tracking, 360-degree feedback, self-appraisal, and performance analytics. This is probably more than one would expect from a centralized database.

Integrate to new heights

To make matters even better, Zoho People can be integrated with the most popular Zoho services, and comes with open APIs and webhooks that make it fully scalable and customizable. And all this because more is better.

Dynamics 365 Reliable Deployment

Easy Tracking

Zoho People provides a complete overview of everything keeping track of all activities, choices, preferences etc. It eliminate errors due to manual entries. consolidate attendance data from multiple devices, customize leave types, schedule jobs and create time-sheets with ease..

Multi-Channel Support

With the Zoho People app for iOS and Android, Reach out to employees and handle all your HR activities from anywhere. Zoho People allows users to configure reminders and mail alerts, approve several requests at once, schedule alerts, and manage integrations etc on the go.

Make Better Decisions

Determine the skills of your employees, set goals, gather all-round feedback, and review performance; bridge the gap between where employees are and where they need to be. Help yourself make better decisions by running performance appraisal cycles to complete reviews in a systematic way.

Save Time 

 Saving time is everybody’s concern. With Zoho people give your employees the ability to access and maintain their own record to help ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date. Managers can access all info about subordinates, have control on approvals, time-off scheduling, and more.

Specialized Training

Target Integration is the biggest reseller of Zoho services in the UK, US, Ireland, and India. We provide comprehensive training of the product before handing it over to you so you make best out of the product. Our trainers divide chunk training content into bite-sized pieces: one module per product or service. As, Micro-learning helps our clients process and retain information better, and limiting modules to a single topic can prevent cognitive overload.

Customization Capabilities

A product is best when it fits your requirement, but when the product is generic you need to modify it for yourself. We help our customers to choose and then tailor the product like they want. More precisely our experienced development team can modify the product best to your advantages by integrating it with more powerful third party applications which when combined in the right way can enhance your productivity.

Reliable Deployment

Software deployment process is a sequence of related activities for installing an already developed application into its target environment, and bringing it into an executing state. Our experienced team ensures a reliable deployment of your business critical system and makes sure you get the most out of it by using all the features provided by Zoho.

Step up your Human Resource Department with Zoho People

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