Build Your Own Business App with Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator helps you build customized business application best suited to your business requirements.

What if you don’t have to be a programmer to design great applications. Yes with Zoho Creator you just have to drag and drop to create custom business applications in days rather than weeks. Moreover, you can generate hybrid applications by using Zoho Creator with little or no programming skills. And custom integration using third party application such as Twilio, PayPal, Zapier, and many more are always a part of the package.

Why should you choose Zoho Creator?

  • Custom Reports And Interactive Dashboards
  • Drag-and-drop application builder
  • Workflow Builder
  • Secure Access Controls
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Customer Portal
  • Tasks, Reminders, and Notifications
  • Integration and API
  • Mobile Apps
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Smart Reports

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Features and Benefits

Build application faster

With the user friendly interface provided Zoho Creator you can build your own business application with a little or no programming knowledge, just by easy drag and drop of modules.

Automate business workflows

Zoho Creator helps in designing custom workflows by which you can streamline communication, and automate routine tasks to efficiently manage your daily work. By using Zoho Creator increase the pace of your business workflow.

Dynamics 365 Reliable Deployment

Gain actionable insights

Use it to create custom reports that can help you identify bottlenecks in your business and improve your team’s performance. It provides a complete overview of everything keeping track of all activities, choices, preferences etc.

Integrate across platforms

As it is outstandingly personalized and flexible, you can easily integrate it to meet the most specific needs of your business. All the Zoho services is a part of the package but with Zoho Creator you get to integrate with third-party applications too.

Stay connected on Mobile Apps

With Creator’s iOS and Android applications, access and update your data from anywhere in the world . Zoho Creator can be used by decentralized and remote teams, as all data and operations are accessible via mobile devices.

Secure access control

Using Zoho Creator not only can you define which doors an individual has access to, but layers of restrictions can be applied based on a need-to-know basis.

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Specialized Training

Target Integration is the biggest reseller of Zoho services in the UK, US, Ireland, and India. We provide comprehensive training of the product before handing it over to you so you make best out of the product. Our trainers divide chunk training content into bite-sized pieces: one module per product or service. As, Micro-learning helps our clients process and retain information better, and limiting modules to a single topic can prevent cognitive overload.

Reliable Deployment

Software deployment process is a sequence of related activities for installing an already developed application into its target environment and bringing it into an executing state. Our experienced team ensures a reliable deployment of your business critical system and makes sure you get the most out of it by using all the features provided by Zoho.

Customisation Capabilities

Zoho Creator is a raw platform to develop an application, but there are always key features which keep missing the spotlight. We make sure that when Zoho Creator is handed over to our clients they can make customization and Integrations on their own like full proof developers. And in case you don’t want to do that, our development team can make those required customizations and integration to your application.

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