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Zoho Analytics is Zoho’s Business Intelligence tool. Get your business
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What is Zoho Analytics / Report?

Zoho Analytics (Formerly known as Zoho Reports) is also popularly called a Self-service BI and analytics software. From a CEO, sales manager, to an IT person, anyone can use this tool to discover business insights. This online reporting tool can help you generate quick & stunning, visual analytics reports.

It has a full-fledged customisable and unified dashboard to get out of the box insights for sales, finance, marketing & IT. Moreover, you also get the option to combine insights across all departments and apps.

Zoho Analytics | Zoho Business
Intelligence toolBenefits & exciting features

1. Analyse data from multiple resources like Cloud databases/
drives, etc.
2. Rich element visualizations through drag-drop feature.
3. Create a variety of charts, data tables, KPI widgets in minutes.
4. Use interactive options to slice and dice data.
5. Run the investigative analysis to pinpoint problems.
6. Ask business-critical questions to ZIA ( AI Assistant).
7. Collaborate across departments.
8. Forecast: Zoho Analytics will predict future trends accurately
based on past data.
9. Schedule Email Reports.

You don’t need to spend countless hours in manually segmenting data & making reports. Improve your business efficiency
Try Zoho Analytics as your Business intelligence software & report automation tool.

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