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Odoo Manufacturing Software Custom Development

6 Reasons To Choose Target Integration As Your Odoo Partners.

1. Odoo has over 2 million users globally and Target Integration is one of the top tech companies that provide customisation, implementation, and installations in Odoo Apps.

2. Target Integration is an odoo development company based in India & our consultants are spread across the UK and Ireland market.

3. We understand the complexities of a manufacturing business. 

4. Target Integration has implemented many Odoo ERP based MRP software for the manufacturing and production industry based clients. 

5. We understand how much the other operations of businesses are required. And so we have integrated a good no. of Odoo Apps integration work.

6. Our Odoo Consultants creates communication with all your departments and processes under various operations for making the new system comfortable for you to operate.

Be it a:

  • Planning & scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Quality
  • Production Controlling
  • Maintenance Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Asset Management
  • IT

Target Integration Odoo Services for
Odoo Manufacturing Software App = 5x efficiency!

  • Target Integration is Odoo Manufacturing Software Support Provider. With our Odoo developers for Odoo Manufacturing Software App, it’s inexpensive and efficient to manage every part of the manufacturing business.
  • Our Odoo developers and Odoo Manufacturing software consultant works on each app to let it perform its job in an integrated manner. Being an Odoo Manufacturing Software Support Provider, we help you in training all your members with this new manufacturing system.
  • If you are into manufacturing, let us help you meet the potential figures of your business by helping reduce your time and money. Talk to our experienced Odoo Manufacturing software consultant to discuss your manufacturing software needs.

Join us and make your company a hassle-free place.
We provide you with the best experience in the Industry.

Advantages of
Odoo Manufacturing Software

Get 5x efficiency with Odoo Manufacturing software app as it is packed with a number of service apps.

Odoo MRP software

Odoo PLM software

Odoo Maintenance software

Odoo Quality software

Odoo IoT Box

Odoo Manufacturing Software App - Get best ROI by
Odoo Partners & Odoo Apps.

One in all. Out-of-the-box Solution

Our Odoo Manufacturing Software Support Provider develops Odoo manufacturing to be fully integrated with maintenance, repairs, inventory, sales, and other communication tools. So, what’s the benefit? It will keep all your member’s in the supply chain on the same page. Was that you were searching for? 

Well, as an Odoo Manufacturing Software Support Provider – we offer more! 

A simple dashboard with measurable dynamic reports. Using Odoo maintenance app, you can plan and take corrective actions on time for all your assets. There is so much potential to this lean app, which a manufacturer can only unveil. 

Are you from the manufacturing industry? Try our free demo on Odoo manufacturing software. Contact our Odoo Consultants.

Odoo Manufacturing Software Packed With Powerful Features

Managing manufacturing simplified!

Easy to learn & adapt

      ✔ Part of an integrated solution

      ✔ Highly customisable

      ✔ User-friendly & easy to learn

      ✔ Step by step process

      ✔ Work with barcodes & tablets

      ✔ IoT box capabilities

      ✔ Short term & long term planning features

      ✔ Simple work Instructions on BOM(Bill of material)

      ✔ Outsourced/ Third party operations available

      ✔ Option for planing by employee(s)

Manufacturing & engineering tools

           ✔ Complete project lifecycle management

           ✔ Bill of Materials

           ✔ Versioning 

           ✔ Asset allocations

           ✔ MRP with routings for work centres

           ✔ Worksheets

           ✔ Planning

           ✔ Control Panel

           ✔ Work orders

           ✔ Supply chain management

           ✔ Master production schedule feature

           ✔ Procurement rules for automation

Quality & Maintenance checks

                                 ✔ Control points

                                 ✔ Checks (SPC)

                                 ✔ Alerts

                                 ✔ Equipment management

                                 ✔ Maintenance requests

                                 ✔ Track time

                                 ✔ Display worksheets

                                 ✔ Register production

                                 ✔ Integrations

                                 ✔ Quality checks

                                 ✔ In Process alerts

                                 ✔ Record serial/lot number

Want to grab a quick demo on Odoo Manufacturing App?

Odoo MRP(Manufacturing) software

Hard work now gets converted into smart work with no compromise on efficiency

1. Odoo MRP software has reinvented the old manufacturing manual efforts with modern automated manufacturing using technology smartly. 

2. With Odoo MRP, you can easily set up your products and BOM. 

3. Create a Master Schedule Plan – which can be reordered, rescheduled and tracked as per various components. 

4. MRP software has routings feature which set up operations at work centres. 

5. The Odoo manufacturing app is packed with everything as an integrated solution in one system.

6. We know that combined efforts give more outputs and hence a lot of integration with other Odoo apps like accounting, sales, inventory(link webpage), project management (link webpage) & eCommerce(link webpage) are readily available.

7. Yes! Pinch yourself! Odoo already made manufacturing to skyrocket your productions with better management, quality and maintenance. 

Don’t wait! Turn on your smart manufacturing with Target Integration as your reliable Odoo Manufacturing software support Provider. 

We have a team of experienced & certified Odoo manufacturing software consultants with us to serve your business and help you to flourish it! Connect here.

Our Odoo Client

Odoo Manufacturing App Integrations

Odoo Manufacturing software app is available for many integrations.


Have all your inventory operations impact your accounting in real-time or periodically.


Automate proposition of purchase orders and control products coming from your suppliers in just a few clicks.


Define quality control points and trigger quality alerts easily.


Automatically schedule all your inventory operations based on sales orders.

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