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What Business Central can do for your Business?

Now you can successfully move all your organizational data to the cloud with the operational speed, performance, and insights needed to make your business vision a reality.

Streamline financial management

Accelerate your financial closing, reporting, monitor financial performance, and make more profitable financial decisions.

Adapt as your business grows

You can choose cloud or on-premises systems, it helps you to transmit the data across your systems. Extend the solution with industry-specific apps and tailor the software to your needs.

Accelerate sales process

Prioritize leads based on revenue potential and offer flexible pricing and discounting, It allows you to deliver promised customer outcomes and improve cash management.

Deliver customer service

Ensure a smooth transition from sales to service. You can track your customers’ returns and repairs and live up to your service promises.

Facilitate project success

Improve the costing of your projects and accounting. Optimize resource levels and drive profitability with project insights.

Drive supply chain optimization

Improve supplier engagement, get a holistic view of your inventory and predict stock replenishment.

Improve warehouse management

Manage and save resources with storage facilities that streamline receiving capacity, and expedite docking you can connect better with customers and operations.

Optimal manufacturing outputs

Produce within supply and capacity constraints. Create detailed bills of materials. Support assembly-to-order and use production orders or more complex processes.

Why choose Target Integration


Target Integration guides you from the initial stage of understanding your business needs to integrate the software. We have been catering to the requirements of a number of businesses along with the support of our team in Ireland, U.K, India, and U.S.


Customisation is an essential aspect of our services. Every business has its unique needs and hence we curate the software to reflect your business outlook. We are confident in extending the features of business central and providing you with an application.


As a Microsoft Dynamics partner, we ensure end-to-end deployment to ensure the efficiency of the product. Simplify your journey of integrating Business Central with Target Integration. We make sure you get the most out of it by using all the features

3 Ways to Improve your Business Process with
Dynamics Business Central

1. Operational flexibility- Deploy all your organizational data in the cloud or on-premises with easily tailored and extendable solutions.It can be used on any device, anywhere.

2. Optimal performance- Save time and experience faster reporting, cycle times, and closings of sales. It provides you with role-based workspaces and workflow guidance and improves your business productivity.

3. Actionable insights- Predict sales using historical data, real-time data visualization, and built-in business intelligence. It provides you with easily understandable data for better analytics for growth in your sales.

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Understand the Health of your Business

Just like your personal health, your business’s health needs regular check-ups to deal with it better and to see growth. Business central keeps track of your sales, project overruns, inventory levels, and valuation, and more services. Get quick access to activities and metrics on the home page. Power BI charts provide added intelligent insights and hence improves communication in the team.

Keep better track of your profits, sales data, history, and timeline with Business Central. Work according to priority and insights that demand your attention. Know which customers require to be contacted in cases of long-overdue payments,

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials vs Premium


Dynamic 365 Business Central Essentials

Dynamic 365 Business Central Premium

Unlimited users
Unlimited number of companies
Customisation and extensibility
Finance Management
Sales and marketing
Sales and delivery
Purchasing and payables
Supply planning and availability
Project management
Service management
Warehouse management

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