Provide a robust portal for self-service and peer-to-peer community support, with seamless transitions to high-touch agent interactions Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service comes with a unified platform to ensure context and consistency in delivering customer service with minimum effort. Empower your agents with a single, unified experience on their desktop or mobile device so that no customer goes unsatisfied.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service :

  • Create and track service levels through SLAs.
  • Share information in the knowledge base.
  • Track customer issues.
  • Record all interactions.
  • Create queues and route cases.
  • Manage performance and productivity through reports and dashboards.
  • Create and schedule services.
  • Easy Deployment.
  • Cost-effective.

Features & Benefits

Infused Artificial Intelligence

Enhance your communications with embedded intelligence that lets you know when and how customers interact with your emails, so you can be more proactive and responsive in your communications.


Enable end-to-end service engagements across channels on any device. A unified platform ensures context and consistency, delivering personalized service with minimal customer effort.

Agent Enablement

Empower your agents with a single, unified experience and boost productivity with business processes and workflow, integrated knowledge, SLAs, agent scripting, entitlements and recommendations.

Service Intelligence

Relevant data empowers every role in the organization to have a positive impact on business outcomes. Insights are displayed through interactive dashboards with powerful data visualization capabilities.

Strengthen Relationship with Customers

Deliver effortless experiences on your customers’ terms, make it easy for agents to meet rising customer expectations. using intelligent guide processes to execute the right action every time.

Access from Anywhere

Keep a tab on your customer’s experience from anywhere you desire. With the software deployed on cloud, you can resolve customer queries on the go. Moreover, on any platform whether it be iOS, Android or Windows.

Learn Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 should be your First Choice!

What Target Integration can do for you?

Specialized Training

We provide comprehensive training of the product before handing it over to you so you make best out of the product. Our trainers divide chunk training content  into bite-sized pieces: one module per product or service. As, Micro-learning helps our clients process and retain information better, and limiting modules to a single topic can prevent cognitive overload.

Reliable Deployment

Software deployment process is a sequence of related activities for installing an already developed application into its target environment, and bringing it into an executing state. Our experienced  team ensures a reliable deployment of your business critical system and makes sure you get the most out of it by using all the features provided by Microsoft.

Customisation Capabilities

A product is best when it fits your requirement, but when the product is generic you need to modify it for yourself. We help our customers to choose and then tailor the product like they want. More precisely our experienced development team can modify the product best to your advantages by integrating it with more powerful third party applications which when combined in the right way can enhance your productivity.

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