Access a set of intelligent apps under one roof GSuite GSuite is the perfect combination of a range of smart tools like Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Drive, which help you connect better with employees in your company. GSuite Boost your company’s performance and branding with a range of apps from Google. GSuite

What is GSuite?

GSuite also called as Google Apps for Work aims to boost your company’s productivity by providing a range of cloud based collaboration and productivity boosting tools. GSuite includes a range of tools in its arsenal including Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Google+, Docs, Slides, Drive, Forms, and Sheets.

GSuite helps in uniform branding across the company through customized email addresses with your company name as a domain (, additional administrative tools and settings, round the clock customer service support and unlimited cloud storage depending on the enterprise plan you have.

Here are a few reasons why enterprises must use GSuite:

  • Easily access a range of apps under a single roof
  • Helps you stay connected wherever you go with video, email and chat meetings
  • Easily share information among other people of your company through spreadsheets, documents, and presentations
  • Keeps all your data secured and easily accessible

features & benefits

A plus tool for collaboration

Gsuite facilitates easy collaboration and communication with your stakeholders. Its range of tools like Drive, Calendar, Chats and others makes it easier for you to collaborate with others.

Video chats with customers, colleagues, and media- all for free

Tools like Google Hangouts enable you to interact with your customers anytime and anywhere. It also lets you do a Video conference with your colleagues in order to discuss ideas and plans without actually sitting in an office room.

Deliver your messages to the right audience with just a click

With GSuite, you can easily put customers into different groups or “circles” and then conveniently understand their needs and preferences separately. You can also customize deals and offers for profitable customers.

Make the most out of artificial intelligence

GSuite utilizes artificial intelligence to take care of everyday tasks like the automatic formatting of slides, scheduling of meetings and help businesses in achieving more.

Security and accessibility

GSuite keeps all your important data at a single place which is easier to retrieve from through Google-powered search. Easily share the data with others and have a full control over your files.

Boost productivity and efficiency

GSuite boosts your productivity and organizes the processes by making use of spreadsheets, presentations, and documents.

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