MailChimp Module 1.2 For VTiger CRM 5.3

MailChimp Module for vTiger CRM version 5.3 allows a full synchronisation between vTiger CRM and MailChimp Email Marketing software. MailChimp module uses the MailChimp API to synchronise contacts with vTiger CRM.

Features & Benefits

  • Synchronise Contacts in MailChimp Lists with MailChimp Campaigns in vTigers to keep one store of information
  • Synchronise subscription and unsubscribe requests to your lists and keep you covered under the data protection act
  • Allows using MailChimp as the email marketing software for newsletters and vTiger as the store of contacts

New In Version 1.2

  • Load contacts into your vTiger Mailchimp Campaign from lists that you define
  • Emails that are sent from Mailchimp are recorded in the More Information tab for the contacts that were emailed

How To Install & Setup?

Installation of MailChimp module is same as any other vTiger module.

  • Download the file from bottom of this article (You will have to login or register to see the download link).
  • Go to Settings > Module Manager
  • Click Custom Modules and Click “Import New”
  • Click “Browse” and give the location of the file that you downloaded
  • Click “Import” and then on the next screen select “Yes”

This will install the module in the marketing menu of vTiger CRM. You can access it by going to Marketing > MailChimp. In order to use it you need an API key from MailChimp for your account.

  • Log in to your account on MailChimp and click Account > API Keys & Info and Click “Add a Key”.
  • Copy the Key and go to your vTiger and click Settings > Module Manager.
  • Click on Custom Modules and click MailChimp Settings (Hammer sign in front of MailChimp Module)
  • Click on the MailChimp Settings icon and paste the API Key in the field provided and click Save

Now you need to create one campaign for each list from MailChimp that you would like to Synchronise in vTiger. The name of the campaign should be exactly same as the List in MailChimp. Once you have done that open the Campaign and Click “Synchronise with MailChimp”.


  • Changing the email address of the contact in vTiger will create a new contact in vTiger and MailChimp after the synchronisation.

Click on the link to download file( Mailchimppv1.2for5.3  2) – [sociallocker id=”6890″]Mailchimpv1.2for5.3_2 [/sociallocker]

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