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CloudYogi & Target Integration Partnership

CloudYogi Partner

CloudYogi CRM is one of the most advance and improved Cloud-Based CRM tool for mid-size companies and enterprises. Target Integration is a key business partner of CloudYogi and a leading implementer of CloudYogi across the globe. With CloudYogi one can automate almost every part of the organisation like Sales Management, Client Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Vendor Management, Project Management and many more.

Our development team has been integrating CloudYogi with many ERP systems, accounting software, and other third-party applications such as Google Suite, Office 365, Sage Line 50, Online banking etc. according to the business requirements of our clients.

Our conscientious approach towards our customers is highly appreciated in the market. Our CloudYogi partner program helps you digitally transform your organisation using cloud-based products and technology. Also, we are proud of our support staff, who is always just a call away to assist our clients whenever they are in need.


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