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CiviSync is the much awaited Outlook integration plugin for CiviCRM. It allows information sync between CiviCRM and Microsoft Outlook. CiviSync uses CiviCRM API and CiviSync CMS (Module/Component for Joomla/Drupal). Following are the main features of CiviSync:

  • Two way Contact Synchronisation between CiviCRM and Outlook – version 2.0 beta
  • Groups in CiviCRM creates mailing lists in Outlook – Full Version 2.0
  • Mailing Lists in Outlook creates CiviCRM Group – Full Version 2.0
  • Select groups to be synchronised – Full Version 2.0

CiviSync v 2.0 Beta is now available. The addin has been tested to be working on

  • Windows XP with Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010
  • Windows 7 with Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010

and CiviCRM version 4.1.2 running on Joomla 2.5 and Drupal 6/7. Login and download CiviSync Beta for Outlook from the bottom of this article and read more about the plugin from CiviSync Wiki. It is a beta version so please take appropriate backups as necessary.

Please download and install the latest version of CiviSync. Files will show in the bottom of this article after registration and login below. As of now is the latest version. As of now it only supports Joomla, due to technical limitations.

Installation Instructions are

  • Unzip the zip file
  • Install the Joomla plugin “” on the server.
  • Run “CreateAndPopulateTables.sql” on the database where civicrm database is ( configured in “civicrm.settings.php”).
  • Run Outlook on client where u have Older version of CiviSync and “Reset Contacts”.
  • On each and every client with Outlook run CiviSyncInstaller- If the previous version of CiviSync would be there it will prompt you to uninstall that. After uninstallation please continue and install.

Please post on forum of if you have any questions

Click on the link to download file (CiviSyncInstaller- –

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