Project Management

5 Step Guide to take down the market with Vtiger CRM 2

Offering amazing Customer Service is the key for a business to distinguish itself from other competitors and for building momentum. Studies shows that consumers are ready to spent more on the company which they believe provides better services than others & turn into long-term customers. It’s easy to manage small […]

Cloud Yogi vTiger CRM Manuel d'utilisation 2

Cloud Yogi / VtigerCRM Customer Portal User Manual Cloud Yogi CRM & vTiger CRM arrivent avec leur portail client, où ces CRM autorisent les clients (clients de l’utilisateur CRM) pour entrer leurs plaintes et à voir les tickets incidents, consulter la FAQ, facture, devis Produits, services, Documents (qui leur sont […]

Project Management with OpenERP/Odoo 6

Get organized as fast as you can think with Odoo Project Management module. Odoo/OpenERP’s collaborative and real time project management helps your team get work done and gets your project moving. Using project management module you can keep track of everything from the big tasks to the minute details, from the […]