Customer Relationship Manager

Are Fixed Price Models better than Time and Material?

There are a lot of variables whenever a new project is starting. The decision can range from which partner to work with to which product and the timeline etc. You have many choices and thus, some serious decisions to take as each decision has an impact on the success of […]


Yes! Your Salon needs a CRM software as well. With the immensely increasing competition in service industry, arthritis pleasing the client becomes extremely important. To give your customers that WOW experience, unhealthy couple your services with a CRM for the increased customer Step-In. Wouldn’t it be appealing for your customers to […]

5 Step Guide to take down the market with Vtiger CRM 2

Offering amazing Customer Service is the key for a business to distinguish itself from other competitors and for building momentum. Studies shows that consumers are ready to spent more on the company which they believe provides better services than others & turn into long-term customers. It’s easy to manage small […]

How to figure out the token number for custom fields to be used in mass emails in CiviCRM? 1

While sending out mass mails using CiviCRM, we might need to include tokens which were not present in the CRM by default but created by customization. To include such customized tokens, you need to find out the corresponding token number so that you can include them at the required stage […]