Cloud ERP

4 Considerations for an Effective Cloud ERP Implementation

Today, the introduction of Cloud-based ERP has brought a radical change in the implementation strategy of business management systems. The evolution of cloud computing and software as a service started in the earlier times with the establishment of large mainframe data centres and early outsourced payroll bureaus. In the recent […]

Important Considerations for Effective ERP Implementation

Selling Food/Drinks? What is your Inventory Management Strategy? 14

Inventory management; these two words have the potential to make or break a business. Especially, if your business involves perishable products like food that needs to take safety concerns as well, you need the best possible methods to manage and distribute them. So how do you plan to manage your inventory? It […]

4 Important Points to Make an ERP Implementation Successful 5

ERP implementation is not just a simple change in software; it is a change in how everyone and everything is going to operate post implementation. The system cost is only one aspect of it, diverting resources, training employees, restructuring key business processes are part of a Successful ERP implementation. Don’t […]

Points for Successful ERP Implementation

Is Cloud Really the Future of ERP?

Industry analysts are always up for their task of studying the prevailing trends and making relevant predictions accordingly. This time the IT Industry analysts have come up with the prediction about the most trending technology term ‘The Cloud’. These industry analysts have not only come up with a new term […]