How to figure out the token number for custom fields to be used in mass emails in CiviCRM? 1

While sending out mass mails using CiviCRM, we might need to include tokens which were not present in the CRM by default but created by customization. To include such customized tokens, you need to find out the corresponding token number so that you can include them at the required stage […]

Is CRM an Over-Hyped Software?

Companies around the globe are using Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software. But is it really worth the time and money which is being put in to it? Why not! A CRM is a very simple to use and an intelligent software, which can incorporate easily with businesses of any size […]

How to be productive with CRM?

What is CRM? The adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems by the companies is increasing every year to enhance the quality of interactions with customers. CRM systems are the application of an enterprise which is involved in organizing the business dealings with clients by integrating customer-oriented business processes. CRM […]