Zoho CRM Tip: Increase the quality of your CRM Data using Unique Fields

While using CRM software one of the hardest things to accomplish is to deal with the Duplicates. It is easier for someone to create the contact without checking that the contact exists in the database already. Now there is no need to worry, improve your data quality with the duplicate check […]

How to change Organization name in CiviCRM

Are you looking for CiviCRM Organization Setup? Been wandering around for right instructions ? Don’t worry below are the instructions which can help you to customise the organisation set up in CiviCRM Joomla Step 1: Login to your CiviCRM using admin login. Step 2: Now go to Components -> CiviCRM. […]

Webinar on "10 Ways to Increase Your Revenue"

Target Integration is coming up with two webinars, on topic- “10 Ways to Increase Your Revenues.” In which we shall put lights on the problems faced by Business firms. Problems Faced by Top Level Management along with the subordinates. Henceforth, we shall discuss the solution to these problems with the […]

How to add user in Iredadmin admin panel ?

If you are using Webmail as your email provider and have access through Iredamin and want to know how to use Iredadmin then allow to help us forward. Follow the following steps to work over them login to your www.yourcompany.com/iredadmin Enter your username and password, so that you can login […]

Send & Receive Settings in Outlook

If you are using outlook and receiving emails lately then don’t worry there is something you can do about it as well. Just follow the below steps and see the magic 🙂 If you are using Outlook 2007 and earlier versions To resolve this behavior, create a new Send/Receive group in […]

How to turn off conversation view in Office 365 ?

While working on office 365, sometimes you feel the need of viewing your email as conversations and even at a single entity. Well, in this case, this blog will be a great help. Below are the steps which you need to take do turn Off or On the conversation view […]