Knowlarity and Zoho CRM Integration

With the Knowlarity and zoho Crm integartion your business will be able to deliver better customer experience as the conversations are more contextual and personalized.


  1. You must have Zoho CRM account.
  2. For SR integrations, SR panel must have Premium Plan.


  1. Get your SR virtual number.
  2. Login to with your login and password.


  1. Go to Insights click on SR Virtual Number in All Plans dropdown.


  1. To enable Zoho crm ,Go to settings ->Integration-> Enable Zoho Crm.


After clicking on enable on ENABLE NOW the zoho crm configuration page will appear.

You can create your ZohoCRM account by clicking on CREATE ONE link.

Fill the required information and click on “Sign Up” button.image05

You will receive a mail from ZohoCRM for verifying confirmation of your

account just click on the link which is in your mail.

Congrats you are user of Zoho crm.


To get your Zoho phone bridge token follow the steps

  1. Click on Set up.
  2. Go to Phone Bridge and click on Setup Now.


  1. Go to Knowlarity and click on Integrate.


  1. Copy the “


Go to SuperReceptionist account. Fill the PhoneBridge token and select an SR number which is provided to you.



Map each SR User with Zoho crm user . Then click on enable to complete configuration.


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