Location Tracking of Sales Team - Zoho

Imagine a day when you are working in office, ditching all the holiday plan(s) made by your children, ignoring all your personal work, avoiding all fancy parties planned by your friends and still trying your best to reach bigger and better Sales Targets to grow your company. Whereas you don’t know where your […]

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Profile/User/Role Based Discount Feature in vTiger

Discounting is the most important feature in any Sales Process. Be it low value quick sale or high value account based sales. Sales Team will always have customers asking for Discounts, After all everyone likes to bargain 😉 However things get tougher when you have hierarchy based discounting process in your […]

Top 4 Improvements To Your Working Day With Office 365

Formerly known as Outlook web app, Office 365 is one of the most useful tools for your daily working activities. It has incorporated a number of different features that can facilitate a smoother working experience, all thanks to the brand new upgrade. The main idea here is to connect the […]


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“Office 365 is ready when you are” To those who are already familiar with Office 365, the above statement is pretty much recognisable by them. For those who are not conversant with Office 365, it is recommended to them to visit the homepage of Office 365 as this statement is […]

How your SME can benefit from Office 365

Do you need better office software for your day to day needs? Or maybe you are in the market for better, bigger, and user-friendly software for your colleagues? You probably have heard about Office 365 as the best software on the market for an SME, but what exactly is the […]



Reasons why every Credit Union should use Office 365

Office 365 gives you one of the most efficient and productive service to facilitate smooth functioning of the company proceedings. This is especially true for Credit Unions. With a number of features, here is why every credit union should use Microsoft Office 365 Security Security is the most important consideration. […]

Why do we procrastinate in business??

Let’s face it, we all do it from time to time. At home, doing the housework, washing your car, doing your tax returns (I’m kidding! I know you don’t delay it 😉 ) but at the end of the day, we all procrastinate. I’m writing this article to highlight the […]

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Do you want Contact information in Opportunity module in vTiger ?

Do you want Opportunity module of your vTiger CRM to have contact information ? Do you complete contact information in opportunity page ? Well, Target Integration has have recently done customization where whenever the opportunity will be created its related contact information will populate in the Opportunity Page. (Screen Shot […]

Sharing your calendar in Office 365 with Others

In the world WORKING with TEAM, sharing your calendar with other(s) is really important for you to do as you can not have know what you are they are working on and can plan your day/week/month accordingly but also be more efficient instead of wasting your time in calling or […]

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Outlook message "Your email program is using outdated address information ..."

When you try to send email from outlook and get an email saying “Your email program is using outdated address information for IMCEAEX-B@eurprd07.prod.outlook.com.” then don’t worry.   There can be following reasons for the same – The recent migration recipient email account Change in the SMTP details of recipient email […]