Send & Receive Settings in Outlook

If you are using outlook and receiving emails lately then don’t worry there is something you can do about it as well. Just follow the below steps and see the magic 🙂 If you are using Outlook 2007 and earlier versions To resolve this behavior, create a new Send/Receive group in […]



How to turn off conversation view in Office 365 ?

While working on office 365, sometimes you feel the need of viewing your email as conversations and even at a single entity. Well, in this case, this blog will be a great help. Below are the steps which you need to take do turn Off or On the conversation view […]

I Don't Need a CRM but an Order Management System

I asked a good friend of mine from a common business group recently that why don’t you use a CRM in your business and she said, “Because we don’t need it. We need an order management system more so not something which tracks the communication with customers and phone calls […]


Fixed Price Vs Time Material ERP Projects

Are Fixed Price Models better than Time and Material?

There are a lot of variables whenever a new project is starting. The decision can range from which partner to work with to which product and the timeline etc. You have many choices and thus, some serious decisions to take as each decision has an impact on the success of […]

Auto Reply set up in Office 365 / O365

Auto reply in email is one of the most important and crucial tool/feature which helps you in various ways, be it – Out of Office Reply Do Not Reply Out of Vacations Or Discontinuation of email address This is will not only reach to email sender as soon as email will […]


Zoholics - Zoho CRM - Target Integration

Zoholics 2016 - Target Integration

  A big bang!!! opportunity for a novice and seasoned Zoho users. We can say for each and everyone to get a full day training with the Masters of Zoho near you. Join us this September in Mumbai on 16th and Delhi on 22nd, as we gather to immerse ourselves in […]

How to make A Report in Zoho CRM ?

Report is most important tool for any Business Automation Software after all each and every input in the software is all for the report and analysis. Like with all great Business Automation tools, Zoho CRM also has a powerful Reporting module which helps organizations to analyse and examine their data. […]


Zoho App

Location Tracking of Sales Team - Zoho

Imagine a day when you are working in office, ditching all the holiday plan(s) made by your children, ignoring all your personal work, avoiding all fancy parties planned by your friends and still trying your best to reach bigger and better Sales Targets to grow your company. Whereas you don’t know where your […]