Importance of Membership Management Software for Customer Management

CRM or customer relationship management is one of the most important aspects of any business. The customers and the clients form the soul of any establishment and thus proper management is vital for the success of the organisation. With the advancement of technology, there is a number of different CRM […]

7 Guidelines to consider before using Dynamics 365 Financials

If you are one of the enthusiasts waiting for the Dynamics 365 for Financials, it’s a very exciting time. Here we identify the main issues you should take into consideration before starting Dynamics 365, Financials. The first thing to consider is that Dynamics 365 for Financials does not come with a pre-defined […]

5 Reason why ERP is essential for your Business

As an entrepreneur, one must be facing a thousand questions each day with regards to the workflow. There are several tasks to be completed each day and you could apply different permutations and combinations to the possible solutions. But, on a daily basis, this gets quite difficult. The one platform […]

4 Reasons to optimise your business to achieve more with ERP

ERP is one of the greatest gifts cloud technology could have given to the world of business. A lot of enterprises are already using ERPs especially if the business requires a lot of inventory control. ERP is the right way to go. Whether it’s your office space, warehouse or storehouse, […]

Streamline Your Business with eBay Integrated ERP

An ERP system is a comprehensive database that distributes information across the business. It caters to your entire information management requirements. ERP can help you in handling so much, just imagine how an ERP system integration with 3rd party applications can do. An ERP can help you collaborate if your […]

8 Reasons to use Cloud Based ERP

For small and medium businesses, maintaining smooth operations is of absolute importance. This is why a growing number of companies and establishments are opting for the ERP software in order to enhance their operations. This is the one stop software to all operational procedures. A cloud-based ERP in Ireland would […]

Gear Up Business Intelligence Through Dynamics 365

  The CRM and ERP blended cloud service ‘Dynamics 365′  launched by Microsoft is a real game changer. The online Microsoft CRM is also known as Dynamics 365. It represents a sales or operations module that can be combined and matched. It provides flexible and standardized guidelines towards purchasing and utilizing […]

How Can a Stock Management System Help You In Managing Your Inventory?

When you are a new entrepreneur and have just recently set up your new business, proper organisation of your stock is important. It is imperative to note that the transition from a small business unit to a big one is a line that consists of inventory management. How you manage […]

Set a default value from the user interface in Odoo /OpenERP

It is easy to set a default value on Odoo and will reduce some of your working efforts as well by setting up default value you will not need to enter the same value in a field again and again for different records. The steps are the following: Step 1: […]