Discover a better way of working : Try Google Apps for Business!

Discover a better way of working : Try Google Apps for Business!

Google Apps is a suite of services that you can use from a day to day basis, and which gather powerful email, calendar, document management, collaboration and communication tools. Available from the Cloud, Google Apps is especially designed for the Small to Medium size businesses. Some of its main services are:

Google Mail

Powerful web based email service from Google which is now available to Businesses. You can get emails hosted by Gmail on your domain name. i.e. you can get emails such as

Some of the advantages of Gmail over conventional emails offered by your domain/web hosting company are:

  • Robust infrastructure powered by Google
  • Powerful Spam Filtering
  • 25GB Space and 20MB attachment for all your big files
  • Easy to use interface. You may already be using Gmail for personal use.
  • Powerful search lets you find everything
  • Voice and Chat is included in the normal email conversation
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird
  • Compatible with your iPhone, Android and Blackberry phone
  • Available anywhere web browser, desktop, phone

Google Calendar

The diary management application from Google. It allows you to put your appointments calls and meetings in one central location.

  • Full synchronisation means that whether you put them in phone or web application you can access them all the time without forgetting about the next meeting.
  • Shared calendars allow team members to know when you are available for the next meeting with them.
  • Your calendar can send you text notifications as well.

Google Drive

The cloud storage service from Google. It gives you capability to store your documents and files of any type in the cloud and have them available on any or many computers at the same time.

  • Automated backup of your files
  • Synchronisation of the local computer to the cloud storage
  • Sharing the folders and documents with multiple different people at the same time

Google Docs

Web based office suite and data storage service. Docs allow a very high level of Collaboration.
Think about the scenario if you as the Sales person and the technical guy in the office had to work on a proposal but both of you were sitting in different offices/locations. You would be sending a version of the file back and forth... Not any more.. with Google Docs multiple people can edit the files in real time.

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What about information security?

You can share securely by making your documents as public or as private as you like and control who can view, comment on and edit each document at any time.

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